Hall County Fair Information

2018 Hall County Fair Calendar & Entry Forms

Entry forms are due to the Extension office by Thursday, June 14th!

If you have any questions, please call the office at (308) 385-5088. We’d be happy to help!

Late Fair Entries- New Policy

Due to the high volume of late fair entries, and the amount of time spent handling and processing these entries, a new policy has been implemented by 4-H Council.

A $15 late fee will be charged per 4-H member, for any fair entry form received up to 2 business days after the deadline. Entries will not be accepted after that time. Late fees must be paid at the time that the late entries are turned in.

When are fair entries due?  Thursday, June 14th by 5:00 pm. Entries must be complete with all proper documentation to be considered on time.

Entries received by the deadline (June 14th), but missing documentation (i.e. missing vaccinations, missing fashion show narrations, ID’s and Quality Assurance not complete), will be considered late entries, and families will be required to pay the late fee. Missing documentation must be received within two business days of the entry deadline.

Carefully consider which projects you will enter and add them to your entry form. It’s better to pre-enter any possible projects, because exhibits will not be accepted at the fair if they were not on your entry form. (This applies to static AND animal entries.) Remember to be realistic as to what you can accomplish.

Fair Suggestions:

-Read the newsletter and premium book carefully.

-Start early on your fair entry forms and bring them in before the deadline. We can help your family determine which documentation is needed or missing to avoid late fees.

-We’d love to avoid collecting any late fees! Ask questions now– we’re here to help!

2018 Hall County FAIRBOOK (pdf 2.49 MB)

The Fairbook contains Hall County Fair and State Fair classes and guidelines and Hall County Fair premiums.

NOTE:  Information in the Fairbook may be updated as needed.

  • Animal Science:  (pdf 439 KB)  Showmanship, Herdsmanship, Round Robin Showmanship, Bucket Calf, Beef, Sheep, Swine, Meat Goat, Dairy Goat, Horse Herdsmanship, Horse, Horseless Horse, Herdsmanship Rabbit/Poultry , Poultry, Rabbit, Dog, Companion Animal includes Cat, Small Animal Static, Educational Displays for Animal Entries, Veterinary Science
  • Clover Kids:  (pdf 316 KB) Public Speaking, Aerospace, A Space For Me, Bicycle, Beyond the Needle, Explore Farm Animals, Family Celebrations, Flowers & Vegetables, Just Outside the Door, Making Food For Me, Theatre Arts, Special Interest, Bucket Calf, Companion Animal w/Cat, Dog, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Swine, Small Animal Static
  • Communications & Expessive Arts: (pdf 608 KB)  Public Speaking, Communications, Talent Show, Theater Arts, Photography
  • Consumer & Family Science:  (pdf 679 KB) Human Development, Clothing & Textiles, Fashion Show, Shopping in Style Fashion Show, Quilt Quest, Consumer Management, Heritage, Home Environment
  • Environmental Ed & Earth Science (pdf 310 KB):  Wildlife, Harvesting Equipment, Taxidermy, Shooting Sports, Entomology, Forestry
  • Hall County Only:  (pdf 306 KB)  Kindness Matters Project, Scrapbook Pages, Kids College, School & Workshop, Health Rocks, Recycle Today, You Design It, School Enrichment
  • Healthy Lifestyles:  (pdf 541 KB)  Culinary Challenge Contest, Ice Cream Roll, Cake Decorating, Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Foods, Food Preservation, Safety, Fire Safety, Bicycle
  • Leadership, Citizenship & Personal Development: (pdf 325 KB)  Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership
  • Plant Science: (pdf 493 KB) Field Crops, Weed Science, Range Management, Flowers, Houseplants, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit, Educational Exhibits, Special Garden Project, Landscaping
  • Science, Engineering & Technology (SET): (pdf 443 KB) Aerospace, Computers, Electricity, 4-Wheelin' Physics Fun, Geospatial, Physics/Power of Wind, Robotics, SET Careers, Small Engines, Welding, Woodworking
  • Shooting Sports: (pdf 219 KB)  Archery, BB Gun, Rifle, Shotgun, Shooting Sports Static Exhibits
  • Premiere 4-H Science Worksheet (pdf 486 KB)

Animal Affidavits (ID's)

Check out the Hall County Animal ID Guidelines (pdf).  It lists methods of ID, nomination deadlines & entry deadlines for animals that will be shown at County Fair, State Fair and/or Ak-Sar-Ben.

*ID nominations MUST be submitted by June 14th, 2018 for all species except Market Beef & Horse.  Market Beef ID nominations are due April 15th, 2018.  Horse ID nominations are due June 1st, 2018 (May 11th for District/State participation).

IMPORTANT ANIMAL ID CHANGES to be eligible for State Fair/Aksarben:  As in the past, DNA will need pulled for all market animals. In addition, any animals that you are considering and would like to be eligible to show at State Fair or Aksarben, will also need to be entered and paid online, by YOU —4-H families at showstockmgr.com. Market beef must have their information entered and paid online by April 15. The deadline for all other animals is June 14.

County Fair ID nomination forms can be found here (pdf):

Livestock Premises ID Requirements

Vaccination Forms

Vaccination forms are required for Cat, Dog and Ferrets to participate in the Hall County Fair and Nebraska State Fair.  Forms are due to the county office by June 14th, 2018.  Please click here for the Cat/Ferret vaccination form (pdf).  The Dog vaccination form (pdf) can be found here.

Dog Project

Interested in the 4-H dog project? 
Join Happy Hounds 4-H Club in learning the skills for Obedience, Showmanship and Agility.  Practices will begin in April.  Parents are required to stay for the entire practice.  Practice dates will be subject to change depending on building scheduling.  Be sure that you are enrolled in 4-H and have selected "AS: Dog" as one of your projects , so we don't miss letting you know the dates and times!

The Dog Vaccination form (pdf) will need to be completed and returned to the office before participating in practice.

Please contact the office if you will be attending the practice to help the leaders get an idea of how many to expect.  Please feel free to contact the office with any questions, (308) 385-5088.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is REQUIRED for all 4-H members, ages 8 and up, enrolled in swine, beef, sheep, dairy goats, dairy cattle, meat goats, rabbits or poultry.

The online course, Youth for the Quality Care of Animals, is located at yqca.learngrow.io. Click here for YQCA Online Instructions (pdf). REMEMBER:

1) You will use the 4H Online Sign In, using the same login and password that you use for 4-H Online

2) Youth must be enrolled in 4-H Online for the current year before they can complete Quality Assurance

3) All 4-H’ers need to use the 4-H tab (not the FFA tab)

4) The charge to complete QA is $12, to be paid online when taking the course

5) All registration questions with YQCA should be directed to help@yqca.org

6) Once QA is completed, print the certificate & turn in (or email) to the Extension office by JUNE 14th, 2018 in order to be eligible to show at the Hall County Fair

7) Paper tests are available for intermediate and senior level 4-H members to test out of their QA age level requirements; paper test-out tests must be completed at the Extension office before May 30.


The following deadlines are in place for livestock information:

  • April 15th:  Market Beef ID nomination forms, DNA & Premises ID's are due to the Extension Office (also online nominations for State Fair & Aksarben must be completed).
  • May 11th:
    • Horse Level Testing due to the Extension Office
    • District and State Horse Entries & ID's due to the Extension Office
  • June 1st:  County Horse ID's due to the Extension Office
  • June 14th:
    • Quality Assurance certificates due to the Extension Office by 5 pm
    • All ID nomination forms, including breeding beef, feeder calves, bucket calves, market & breeding sheep, meat goats, dairy goats, market swine and rabbits, as well as DNA & Premises ID's, are due to the Extension Office by 5 pm
    • All online ID nominations for State Fair & Aksarben must be completed.
    • Small Animal Vaccination Forms are due to the Extension Office by 5 pm
    • All County Fair Entries Due to the Extension Office by 5 pm

Livestock Sale

Check out all of the information for the 4-H Livestock Sale at the Hall County Fair.

Hall County 4-H Protest Policy (pdf)