Check Out Our 4-H Mobile iGrow Displays!

Mobile iGrow Educational displays have been making the rounds to Hall County elementary schools!  Each interactive display includes a teaching guide, hands-on activities, and an iGrow activity worksheet, targeting elementary students.

The displays are like a “mini-field trip at the school” reported one teacher. Focused on Nebraska school standards in math, social studies, and STEM, the displays increase students’ knowledge of where our food comes from, careers, and how agriculture is important in our everyday lives.

We’re proud of these resources and would love to share them with you! For more information, contact Hall County 4-H staff at (308) 385-5088 or click here to complete our Mobile iGrow Display Check-Out.

Mobile iGrow Pork Educational Display          corn display          Mobile iGROW Beef Educational Display          pollinators display

Mobile iGrow Materials - Pork

iGrow Pork Activity Sheet     iGrow Pork Teaching Guide     iGrow Pork Additional Activities

Mobile iGrow Materials - Corn

iGrow Corn Activity Sheet          iGrow Corn Teaching Guide

Mobile iGrow Materials - Beef

iGrow Beef Activity Sheet          iGrow Beef Teaching Guide          iGrow Beef Ear Tag Activity

Mobile iGrow Materials - Pollinators