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Mobile iGrow Educational displays have been making the rounds to Hall County elementary schools!  These hands-on displays focus on two of the mainstays of Nebraska Agriculture – CORN and BEEF.  Each interactive display includes a teaching guide, hands-on activities, and an iGrow activity worksheet, targeting elementary students.

The displays are like a “mini-field trip” at the school” reported one teacher. Focused on Nebraska school standards in math, social studies, and STEM, the displays increase students’ knowledge of corn & beef, where our food comes from, careers, and how agriculture is important in our everyday lives.

In the blink of an eye, extreme weather events can wreak havoc on lawns and landscapes, often leaving homeowners and landscape managers at a loss for what to do. To help these people make decisions and take actions prior to and after extreme weather events, Nebraska Extension recently released “weather ready landscapes” infographics.

The final four infographics in a series of eight are now available: https://weather-ready.unl.edu/weather-ready-landscapes The two-page infographics cover the following weather topics: flood, hail, ice, and tornado and wind. Infographics released in early fall 2018 cover winter desiccation, frost, dormancy breaks, and drought.

Do you enjoy working with youth? Have you considered youth development, teaching, and/or Extension as a potential career path? The iGrow Career Immersion program will provide a venue for you to experience education as a career pathway, helping you decide if you would enjoy and feel passionate about this career choice.

Looking for a fun adventure this summer? Consider attending 4-H Camp! Camp is a great place to meet new friends, try something for the first time, and build memories to last a lifetime!


Stop by the Extension office to pick up your 4-H Camp brochure, give us a call, or fill out the link to have it mailed to you! Deadline to request a brochure is March 22nd!  http://goo.gl/forms/lEhKLSz8an.  Camps are offered at three locations in Nebraska for youth ages 5-18. There is something for everyone!


Saturday, June 15, 10am - 4 pm


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