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Garden Update
Week of April 4, 2022
Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator in Dodge County

If crabgrass has been a problem in your lawn, now is the time to be watching soil temperatures. Why is soil temperature important?  Because a well-timed application of pre-emergence herbicide limits crabgrass seedlings while ensuring the herbicide works to its longest advantage.

Garden Update
Week of March 28, 2022
Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator


There are some great workshops being planned for this summer.  Below are the confirmed and tentative dates being planned.  Registration will open soon for you to sign-up, until then hold a place on your calendar for your workshop choices.



May 25-26 ~ Babysitting

June 1 ~ Pork Science ~ 9am-12pm

June 7 ~ Clover Kid Daycamp ~ 9am-12pm*

June 14 ~ Potpourri Crafts ~ 9am-12pm & 1-4pm

June 16 ~ Healthy Living (Nutrition, Baking, Recipes) ~ 9am-12pm*

June 21 ~ Conservation/Environmental Education ~ 9am-12pm*

June 23 ~ Range/Weed Science, Crop Production or Drones

June 28 ~ Pollinator Habitat ~ 9am-12pm*

On Saturday, April 23, all 4-H youth, club leaders, volunteers, and parents are invited to join us at the Dodge County Fairgrounds in Scribner for a special FREE workshop. 4-H, in partnership with the Nutrition Education Program (NEP), will be building Little Free Pantries as a county wide service, leadership, and educational activity.

Little Free Pantries are designed to provide temporary emergency assistance to those in need of food who do not have immediate access to food support resources. 4-H clubs will be asked to help support with maintenance, filling, and monitoring of the pantry in their community. Each pantry will have about 5 cubic feet of storage space and will be mounted above the ground like a Little Free Library.

Do you know what it takes to pick the best fruit and vegetables out at the grocery store? Or do you know what judges are looking for when they judge your plants at the county fair? Have you ever wondered, what plant is that!?! We are excited to offer the opportunity to learn these and other important horticulture skills through the Online Horticulture Contest. The contest will be available June 3-20, 2022 at: https://go.unl.edu/online4hhortcontest

Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator in Dodge County

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