Shooting Sports Info & Events

Antelope County Shooting Sports
Youth in order to participate in the 4-H County Shooting Contest must. 
1. Enroll every year with 4-H Online @  by April 1st and sign consent form
2. Trap and .22 Rifle must have completed a Hunter Education Class
3. Air Rifle you must have completed one year of BB gun
4. Age restrictions, please see current fairbook
5. No Clover Kid can participate
6. Fairbook rules will be followed
ALL BB Gun, Air Rifle and Archery participants must attend one certified safety practice every year. 
The day of the county shoot if you are late to your first assigned time you will be docked a ribbon placing and not eligible for Champion or Reserve Honors.                                                                          
BB Gun Practice Last practices: June 19 & June 24 at 6:30pm
Archery Practice watch their face book page 

4-H Archery facebook page:“Antelope Archery 4H Shooting Sports Club”. For more information contact the Leaders: Lisa & Rod Christiansen or Mark Eggers 
4-H BB Gun facebook page:“Antelope County 4-H Shooting Sports” For more information contact the Leaders: Shannon Schumacher or Tom Dittrich 
Antelope County Shooters Club facebook page:“Antelope County Shooters Club”  (not 4-H)
Nebraska 4-H Shooting Sports Website:
Deadline: June 26 Registration:
July 14, 2024 Antelope County 4-H Shooting Competition (youth required to sign up with 4-H Online and sign the parental consent online) All Discipline Locations