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Spotlight on 4-H Newsletter

Nebraska's "Spotlight on 4-H Newsletter" is written by extension staff for 4-H volunteers during the months of January through July. It is packed with information and resources to educate, inform and motivate 4-H members and families. The newsletters on this page are available in pdf format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print documents. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download.

Clover Kid Web Page  -  Web page explains what is a clover kid and lists examples of clover kid projects and activities

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Nebraska Spotlight on 4-H Newsletter

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Scotts Bluff County
4-H Club Year End Reporting

Nebraska 4-H policy requires all 4-H clubs to submit an End of the Year Financial Report to account for the dollars received and expended in the name of 4-H.
Most 4-H clubs raise money to support club activities through the collection of dues or by holding specific fundraisers. Because 4-H is an educational organization authorized through the USDA, several procedures must be followed when working with a club treasury. The key point to remember is the ability to show and prove proper accountability of how club funds have been received and expended. 4-H money is public money and we are responsible for its appropriate use.  Year End Club Reports Due –“ January 15, 2017.

Year end reports letter (pdf)

Year end 4-H Club treasurer's report (pdf)

Year end 4-H Club general report (pdf)

4-H Club Fundraising Proposal Form