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2016 Nebraska Extension Master Gardener Training

The opportunity to become certified as a Nebraska Extension Master Gardener will soon become available to interested Cherry County residents.  Master Gardener interns learn about a wide range of horticulture topics including soils, fertilizers, botany, plant selection, plant diseases, insects and weed control.  Forty hours of classroom instruction gives a good foundation in general horticulture, plus basic insect and disease control.  Through the program, you will meet many great people who share a love of gardening and are always happy to share knowledge with others.  And as a volunteer, you'll be making a contribution to your community

Individuals who would like to become trained need to register for an entire workshop series consisting of ten Adobe Connect sessions to be held beginning January 21 through March 22 at 6:30 PM CT at the Cherry County Extension Office.  Additionally, there are four hands-on sessions to be held at Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture at Curtis.  The $175 fee includes the Extension Master Gardener Handbooks, state dues, an official Extension Master Gardener shirt, and name badge.

Along with the training sessions, new Extension Master Gardener trainees participate in group volunteer projects established by the local Extension Master Gardener program. Twenty hours of education and volunteer service each will need to be completed in 2016. Another 20 hours of education and volunteer service each will be required to be completed in 2017 to receive certification. This requirement is easily reached by participating in the group’s activities, and as well as approved individual activities that a Master Gardener may want to carry out on their own.

Returning and lapsed Master Gardeners who have completed the initial first-year training may attend all of the 2016 programs for a one-time fee of $15. Twenty hours of volunteer service and 10 hours of education is required to retain Extension Master Gardener certification. 

The class schedule follows:

Thursday, January 21 – Grasses in the landscape-aggressive/invasive tendencies – Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Tuesday, January 26 – Plant material that works in WC Nebraska (with adaptations for the northern Sandhills) - Mix of trees, shrubs, ornamentals, grasses – Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Thursday, January 28 –   Ornamental Plant Management-proper time of herbaceous clean up – Adobe Connect - 6:30 PM CT

Saturday, January 30 – Starting Seeds Indoors – Curtis – 10 AM to Noon CT

 Tuesday, February 2 – Selection and Care of Evergreen Trees and Shrubs – Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Saturday, February 6 – Pruning – Curtis – 1 PM CT

 Tuesday, February 9 – Putting Perennials to Work– Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Tuesday, February 16 – Basic Botany/Plant Identification – Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Tuesday, February 23 – Weed Identification and Control – Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Thursday, February 25 – Healthy plants from a box store or retail center – what could be wrong with them-roots/leaders – Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Tuesday, March 1 – Polarizing Yard and Garden Issues – Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Tuesday, March 8 – Efficient Landscape Irrigation – Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Saturday, March 19 – Landscape Maintenance – Curtis – 1 PM CT

 Tuesday, March 22 – Growing Herbs – Adobe Connect – 6:30 PM CT

 Thursday, June 2 – Plant ID by bark and leaves – Curtis – 1 PM CT 

 If you have any questions about the Extension Master Gardener program, please contact Jay Jenkins as soon as possible by sending an e-mail message to or by calling 402-376-1850.  Registration and payment of fees to enroll in the Master Gardener training program must be received by January 18. 

If the Master Gardener training is held, the public will be welcome to pick and choose from the above individual Adobe Connect classes they would like to attend for a fee of $10 for each class.  Please let Jay Jenkins know which classes you would like register for by January 20.  

2016 Private Pesticide Applicator Training

Ranchers and farmers who will be purchasing and/or applying “Restricted Use Pesticides” in their own operations need to be certified as Private Applicators by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. Operators that are currently certified need to check the expiration date on the wallet sized card they received from the Department of Agriculture.  Re-certification needs to be done every three years.  

Jay Jenkins, Nebraska Extension Educator, will offer training sessions for those with certifications that expire in 2016, or for applicators that need to be certified for the first time, on January 25 and April 5 at 1:30 PM CT at the 4-H Building at the Fairgrounds in Valentine, and January 26 at the Village Hall in Merriman at 1:30 PM MT. He will also be doing classes in Springview on January 27 and Ainsworth on January 28.

Persons who currently hold a Nebraska private applicator’s certification that will expire in 2016 should have received a “bar-coded” letter in December from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. This form needs to be taken to the meeting.  

Pre-registration is not necessary. If you have questions, please contact the Cherry County Extension Office at 402-376-1850 or 1-800-657-2188. In the case of inclement weather, please call the office to see if the training has been postponed.


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