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365 N. Main St., Suite 3  (red brick Courthouse at corner of 4th and Main St.)
Valentine, NE  69201
402-376-1850                                                    Cherry County old courthouse

Food Preservation Workshop

Nebraska Extension will be teaching a class focusing on home food preservation. The class will be taught on Saturday, March 18 at the Episcopal Church parish hall (4th and Main St.) in Valentine, starting at 1 PM CT. David Lott, District Horticulture Extension Educator, and Pat Jones, Extension Educator in Brown, Rock and Key Paha Counties, will be teaching the class. All activities will emphasize the latest USDA home food preservation techniques for safe home food canning. 

Class topics include Safe Canning Processes, Canning Equipment Selection and Maintenance, Water Bath Canning, and Pressure Canning.  Pre-registration is required by Wednesday, March 15 by calling the Nebraska Extension Office in Cherry County at 402-376-1850.  There is a $15 fee.  

Chemigation Training

According to Nebraska Law, those planning to monitor and manage the application of chemicals through an irrigation system must be certified.  Individuals requiring initial training must attend a meeting and pass a written exam.  Those that are recertifying do have the options of attending the meeting and taking the exam or completing an online home study version and passing a written exam that must be taken on a computer at the Cherry County Extension Office.  If you would like to pursue the online option, please contact Jay Jenkins at the Extension Office at 402-376-1850 or for more information. 

The day of the meeting in Cherry County is April 11 at 1:00 PM CT at the Extension Office located in the old courthouse at the corner of 4th and Main Street in Valentine.    The training will take about three hours.  Please bring a calculator.  There is no charge for the training or the class materials.  Pre-registration is not needed.  In case of inclement weather, please call the Extension Office to verify that the class will be held as scheduled.


Monday Extension Report

Nebraska Extension in Cherry County prepares a report that airs  each Monday on KVSH radio. Read the Monday Extension Report here.

BeefWatch Podcast

The BeefWatch Podcast provides timely information to help beef cattle producers improve the sustainability and profitability of their operations. Listen to recent episodes at

BeefWatch is provided by the Nebraska Extension Beef Systems team and is the audio companion to the UNL BeefWatch Newsletter.

Ranchers often have limited time to read, but have time in the pickup or tractor cab when they can listen. The BeefWatch Podcast brings you the information you need in a format you can use.

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