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Tree Wounds

By: Kelly Feehan, Extension Educator

Release: Week of September 27

 When a tree has an open wound or is pruned, I’m asked what needs to be done to the wound or cavity and the answer is usually nothing. This is true even if the wood within the wound is moist, dark and soft.

 While we may treat our scrapes and scratches with antibiotics and cover them with bandages, similar treatment for tree wounds can do more harm than good.

 Also, filling the cavity of larger wounds with something like cement will not stop decay from spreading. It could increase the risk of decay. And there is little data supporting that filled cavities give trees more stability. 

LINCOLN, Neb. August 6, 2021 - Nebraska's farm real estate value, a measurement of the
value of all land and buildings on farms, increased from 2020, according to USDA's National
Agricultural Statistics Service. Farm real estate value for 2021 averaged $3,100 per acre, up
$310 per acre (up 11%) from last year.
Cropland value increased 14% from last year to $4,960 per acre. Dryland cropland value
averaged $3,990 per acre, $530 higher than last year. Irrigated cropland value averaged
$6,530 per acre, $710 above a year ago. Pastureland, at $1,080 per acre, was $40 higher than
the previous year.
Cash rents paid to landlords in 2021 for cropland increased from last year. Irrigated cropland

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