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By: Kelly Feehan, Extension Educator

Arbor Day is Friday, April 29. With recent tree losses and expected loss of trees from emerald ash borer, other pests and environmental stress, consider planting a shade tree. Community tree canopy is important.  

 We are in the season for shade and fruit tree pruning. Have you ever wondered what happens to a tree when it is wounded?

 Pruning is wounding. And while some pruning has already been done, March and well into spring is considered the best time to prune. This is because a trees wound response is fastest at this time.

 Pruning is often needed to remove dead or damaged branches in trees and to train young trees to develop good structure. However, have a specific goal in mind when pruning or avoid wounding the tree.

2022 Nebraska Farmland Values and Cash Rental Rates

The market value of agricultural land in Nebraska in­ creased by 16% over the prior year to an average of $3,360 per acre, according to the 2022 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Market Survey (Figure 1 and Table 1). This marks the larg­ est increase in the market value of agricultural land in Ne­ braska since 2014 and is the highest non-inflation-adjusted state-wide land value in the history of the survey.

Several different steps must be met to attend these trainings.

The new Ag Budget Calculator (ABC) program is working well now for crop enterprise budgeting!  Now, all of the 2022 UNL crop budgets are available in the program for producers and ag managers to download into their own ABC account and modify or customize as their own cost of production budgets, or they can start from scratch and create their own. The budgets were posted in CropWatch last week.  https://cropwatch.unl.edu/budgets

Virtual training sessions are scheduled now through early February for ABC program users. See this link - https://cap.unl.edu/abc/training  

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Returning to the Farm workshop for families in transition is December 9, 10 in York

September 23, 2022
The Center for Agricultural Profitability at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will present Returning to the Farm, a workshop series for families who are in the transition process of bringing members back to the farm or ranch. It will begin with a two-day workshop in York for multi-generational families on Dec. 9 and 10 at the Holthus Convention Center, 3130 Holen Ave.

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Brent Plugge honored with Distinguished Service Award from the National Association of County Agriculture Agents

September 22, 2022
Brent Plugge received the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) from the National Association of County Agriculture Agents during the 2022 Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference.

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University’s TAPS program coming soon to high school classrooms

September 22, 2022
In summer 2021, a group of agricultural education teachers decided to see how well the farm management concepts they were teaching in their classes translated to real life.

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BQA & BQAT Training to be held in Bridgeport

September 19, 2022
Nebraska Extension and Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance will be offering Beef Quality Assurance and Beef Quality Assurance Transportation Certification.

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