Pierce County Fair Information

Pierce County Fair
July 29-August 2, 2020

2020 Pierce County Fair

4-H Schedule and Instructions

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Show Orders and Programs

Thursday, July 30th

Friday, July 31st

Saturday, August 1st

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2020 Premium Guide

4-H Animal Information (ID Sheets, Nomination Instructions, YQCA, Etc.)

Food Revue Information

2020 Fair Tags and Labels

Static Exhibits:  On a half sheet of paper, answer the following questions for the areas of Home Environment, (not quilts), All Ag Misc. including Woodworking, Rocketry, and Robotics, Safety, Citizenship, Welding, Entomology, Foods, Clothing, Cake Decorating. 
These questions do not need to filled out for: Photography, Quilts, Child Development, Heritage, and Style Revue.

1.    What did you learn?
2.    What would you do differently next time?
3.    What is your favorite part of the project?

Photography-Please read or watch the instructional video

Supporting Information Tag

Youth Livestock Auction Letter

Postcards are available for any livestock exhibitor to send to any prospective buyer of their animal for the Livestock Auction.

Postcards are four to a page. Livestock Auction Postcards