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Nemaha County 4-H Online Fair Entry remains OPEN for static entries! Go to: https://nemaha.fairwire.com. Entering your own exhibits will help ensure accuracy and save time for the office. Click on read more and follow the instructions.
As we move into the heat of the summer, we need to remember proper irrigation practices for our plants. It is just as easy to overwater as it is to underwater plants. And remember that irrigation practices differ among all different types of plants.
The 2024 Nebraska Custom Rates Report has been published. You can visit the custom rates page on Center for Agriculture Profitability (CAP) where you can share the link or download the pdf file copy of the report: cap.unl.edu/customrates
Nebraska Extension will be offering one-day (eight hour) courses across the state to prepare individuals to pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aeronautical Knowledge Exam required to receive a Part 107 remote pilot certification or license to fly drones for commercial applications.
Summer is really here, not quite by calendar, but definitely the temperatures, and bugs. As an Entomologist, I love when insects become active, but I know not everyone feels the same about bugs. I do not like mosquitoes and other annoying bugs that bother me outside and I especially dislike those that do damage to my plants. However, most of our insects are beneficial and therefore do not need to be killed.
This time of year, storms can be bad. We have had quite a few storm systems move through the area over the past few weeks. Some of these storms included high winds, hail, and even tornadoes. Unfortunately, when storms are severe they cause a lot of damage to our plants. This damage can’t be fixed once it has happened, but we can do things to help plants survive after storms.

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