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In traveling around southeast Nebraska I am seeing a number of trees in the area showing signs of iron chlorosis. This is the condition when the leaves of trees are more yellow than normal. In the environmental conditions southeast Nebraska has experienced in recent years, trees have been under a great deal of stress.
Each spring there is potential for challenges in getting herbicides applied in a timely matter for good weed control. This year is no exception with the extremely windy conditions we have experienced this spring. With good soil moisture, weeds will take off if they have not been treated yet.
While soybean prices and yields have generally been excellent last year, we still have many challenges to be aware of in the region.

It seems each year we learn of potentially new corn pests or diseases we need to be aware of. Well, 2022 is no different. In October of 2021, the corn disease “Tar Spot” was positively confirmed in seven Nebraska counties, including Richardson County, in extreme southeast Nebraska. They believe it may have even been in corn fields in southeast Nebraska in 2020. While the late discover of tar spot did not impact yields in 2021, it has been shown to have a significant impact on crop yields in other states where they had a high infestation of this disease. The disease first showed up in some Midwestern states in 2015, and since then has been moving west.

I had the opportunity to participate in the On-farm Research Reporting sessions last month in Auburn. There were a number of projects reported on at the meeting through the Nebraska Extension On-Farm Research Program. We had a few conducted here in southeast Nebraska.

Direct volunteers must be screened or rescreened through the Nebraska Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Central Registry Check. 

Cost of the screening is $5

Direct Volunteers:

Club Leaders 4H Council Member Horse Level Testers

For those who are Direct volunteers, the process will be initiated when you re-enroll through 4-H Online 2.0 at https://v2.4honline.com
(select Organizational Leader, Project Leader or Program Volunteer).

Rescreening is done every five years by district, regardless of when a volunteer’s original screening was completed.

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