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In traveling around southeast Nebraska I am seeing a number of trees in the area showing signs of iron In traveling around southeast Nebraska I am seeing a number of trees in the area showing signs of iron chlorosis. This is the condition when the leaves of trees are more yellow than normal. In the environmental conditions southeast Nebraska has experienced in recent years, trees have been under a great deal of stress.

While we have had an ongoing battle with bagworms for several years and have reduced their numbers significantly in southeast Nebraska, there are still bagworm infestations in some areas. In 2019, we had one of the worse years for bagworm infestations in southeast Nebraska in recent years. In southeast Nebraska, the larvae emerged over several weeks during the summer, but usually beginning around Memorial Day.

In previous articles I have mentioned the importance of weed control for several different species here in southeast Nebraska. One weed I didn’t mention was a noxious weed in Nebraska, “ Leafy Spurge”. This has been a longtime noxious weed in Nebraska, but we generally have a problem with it in more of the range or pasture land areas of Nebraska. It isn’t an issue in cropland here in southeast Nebraska. Unfortunately somehow it seems to show up here in pastures or along roadsides.
The Agricultural Land Management Quarterly webinar series will offer management advice and insight for Nebraska landowners, agricultural producers and others with an interest in agricultural land.

Until an in person Landlord-Tenant Cash Rent Workshop is scheduled in Nemaha County we would like to suggest you visit Nebraska Extension's Ag Economics Land Management News webpage.  It is full of very helpful articles and recorded webinars for land owners and tenants managing agricultural land.


Until we are able to schedule an in person Ag Estate Planning Workshop, we would like to suggest that you view the 12 part Farm Succession video series at:  https://agecon.unl.edu/video-farm-succession-workshop


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Panhandle Perspectives – Rural fellows spend summer helping strengthen Panhandle communities

July 17, 2021
Three college students from different parts of Nebraska are spending the summer in the Chadron area of northwest Nebraska, learning while helping strengthen the community through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Rural Fellows internship program.

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2021 Forage Field Day events planned for South Dakota, Nebraska

July 14, 2021
Livestock owners, forage producers, and all those interested in forage production are encouraged to attend the 2021 Forage Field Days, presented jointly by South Dakota State University Extension and Nebraska Extension.

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South Central Field Day July 28 features latest research

July 14, 2021
Learn about current, up-to-date field trials and topics focusing on improved crop production and profitability at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s South Central Agricultural Laboratory, near Harvard, on Wednesday, July 28. The event is designed for guests to customize their day to select the tours they are most interested in.

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Gamma Sigma Delta recognizes initiates and award recipients

July 1, 2021
The Nebraska Chapter of the Honor Society of Agriculture, Gamma Sigma Delta, has welcomed 17 new members in agricultural sciences, natural resources, education and human sciences, biological systems engineering and their related sciences and technologies.

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