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Baling of soybean residue after harvest has gained popularity again this fall due to higher hay prices and forage shortages following drought. Further, delayed corn harvests are also slowing stalks residue baling and stalks grazing. According to the USDA AMS Nebraska Direct Hay sales report, large round cornstalks bale values are $110 per ton versus $80 per ton for large round soybean residue bales. So, the question arises, do soybean residue bale values justify raking and baling costs, reduced soil protection and nutrient removal?

By Erin Laborie, Beef Systems Extension Educator

 In 2017, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) implemented the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD), which brought over the counter (OTC) feed additive antibiotics under the oversight of veterinarians. As part of the FDA’s plan to support the judicious use of antibiotics, all remaining medically important OTC antibiotics will require a prescription effective June 11, 2023.  

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Cranberries are in season now! Cranberries are called America’s Original Superfruit by the USA’s Cranberry Marketing Committee. Native Americans used cranberries as a staple as early as 1550, by 1620 the Pilgrims had learned how to use them from the Native Americans. By 1683 cranberry juice was made by the settlers.

Cranberries add color, refreshing taste, and nutrients to foods and beverages. Available in many convenient forms, from fresh or dried to juices and sauces, cranberries are an ingredient you can use throughout the year. Add fresh cranberries to breakfast breads, toss dried cranberries into a salad or on hot cereal, or mix up a refreshing beverage with one of the many forms of cranberry juice.

Toasting Nuts and Seeds


What holiday smells do you enjoy? Remember holidays of the past and shopping and the smell of roasted nuts seems to be everywhere?


We can enjoy this wonderful nutty treat made in our own kitchen. A handful of nuts has health benefits as well helping to create the smell of the season, reports Extension Educator Brenda Aufdenkamp.


When purchasing nuts, most are created equal. The total calories, protein, and saturated fat does not vary much from brand to brand, but sodium does vary. By selecting unsalted, low-sodium, or lightly salted varieties seasonings can be personalized without overdoing the sodium.


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Wheat shows good promise going into winter

November 29, 2023
The Panhandle of Nebraska experienced favorable planting conditions for its hard red winter wheat with good soil moisture.

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Walbrecht opens 4-H livestock opportunities to youths with disabilities

November 15, 2023

“Youth getting agricultural experience and the skills that 4-H teaches them — there’s no limit on how valuable that is.”Allison Walbrecht, sophomore animal science major and founder of the Unified Showing 4-H Club.

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IANR, Extension, Landscaping and Nebraska Forest Service Leaders and Educators Honored with Nebraska Statewide Arboretum Awards

November 13, 2023
The Nebraska Statewide Arboretum honored 11 individuals and organizations with awards at its annual reception on November 3 at First Plymouth Congregational Church in Lincoln.

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Nebraska 4-H Volunteer Road Show: helping youth thrive through leader development

November 13, 2023
Outside the York County Fairgrounds 4-H Building stands a historical marker titled “Nebraska 4-H Clubs Began in York County.”

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