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We are all trying to make the most of these last warm fall days.  While enjoying the last little bit of warm weather, tiny terrors seem to be everywhere.  Find out what the little insects are up to and how you can keep from going nuts.

It’s here. It’s here.  Fall is officially here!  Bring on the pumpkin spice flavored everything and changing leaves, and who could forget the migrating wolf spiders and crickets.  Not exactly what you had in mind for a peaceful fall?  Find out how to start preparing now to keep these invaders from making themselves at home in your home.

Thistle Butterfly, Cosmopolitan, or Painted Lady Butterfly; no matter what you call them, the parade has been spectacular this year.  This year has been a good year to see hundreds of butterflies fluttering around.

The Nebraska State Fair and Labor Day signal the first days of autumn will be here before we know it.  If your peonies have seen better days, there are several tasks you can be doing now to ensure bountiful blooms next spring.

            To many people, a bouquet of peony blooms signals spring has arrived.  If your peonies have seen better years and haven’t bloomed well, September is one of the best times to move or divide them. It will take about three years for a newly divided and replanted peony to get back to a good size to have a wonderful flower display.  If clumps are blooming well, avoid dividing or moving unless it is necessary.

It sounds like a scene right out of an old horror movie.  Insects are taking over the world.  Hornets are so large they are big enough to carry people away and insects are taking over homes and businesses.  I have to admit, I might be exaggerating a little, but there are some insects that can be frightening to look at or in such large numbers it might feel as if they are trying to take over.  In reality they are just more buzz than sting.

Directors of child care centers in Nebraska are required to complete management training. The training program consists of eight modules which will be offered during a series of seven one-day classes. Classes will be held in Grand Island on the first Friday of the month, beginning September 8, 2017. Registration forms with additional details are available.


Nebraska Extension in Greeley, Howard, Sherman, Valley

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