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A new 4-H year is beginning and with some planning now, your child will be well positioned to participate in educational workshops, project work and the county fair. The Central IV 4-H programs in Greeley, Howard, Sherman and Valley Counties are currently accepting new and re-enrolling members and volunteers through the website. The enrollment deadline to be eligible for county fair is June 15. To learn more about 4-H, contact your local Nebraska Extension office in Greeley (308-428-2835), Loup City (308-745-1518), Ord (308-728-5071) or St. Paul (308-754-5422).

Enroll at following the instructions below.

Nebraska Extension and Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance will offer Beef Quality Assurance and Beef Quality Assurance Transportation Certification on Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 from 3:00 – 5:00pm at the Civic Center (423 Howard Ave) in St. Paul, Nebraska.

The GRO Big Red team provides educational resources for gardeners including live online sessions and on-demand recordings of past sessions on their webpage. Learn about edible plants, houseplants, landscapes, trees and insects! You can also subscribe to the GRO Big Red blog

A family walk is a great way to connect while being physically active. Like any routine, though, you may feel the need to spice it up. If your family is in a walking rut, try the four tips in this month's Family Fun on the Run Newsletter to boost the fun for everyone. 

Outdoor activities are a great way to fit physical activity into your day. When physical activity is fun for the whole family, everyone benefits. Don't forget to include children in the planning process to increase their engagement. Adults are encouraged to walk, run, and play with the children during the activity instead of just sitting on the sidelines. We have some of these outdoor activities to get active as a family in the latest edition of Family Fun on the Run newsletter including a FREE printable Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course and an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt!

Stay informed this 4-H season with reminders from You can now sign up for your county class on and get reminders specific to your county. Click below for instructions on how to enroll in your county class. 

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Nebraska Extension in Greeley, Howard, Sherman, Valley

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