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Fair Entry deadlines will be here before we know it. All Exhibits need to pre-entered if you plan to bring them to the fair.

Step By Step Instruction can be found Here.

Registration time frames for fair entries:

The local 4-H program received a generous donation when two pallets of whole wheat flour were delivered to the Nebraska Extension office in Ord last week. The flour, which was processed and donated by King Arthur Flour, will be packed in kits which 4-H’ers will use to practice making nutritious whole-wheat bread. King Arthur Flour also provided recipe booklets, packets of yeast and bench scrapers to include in the kits.

Extension Educators Kayla Hinrichs and Brenda Aufdenkamp are working to create a self-paced baking club to help 4-H members increase their baking proficiency. As a result, the flour will be distributed in a 17 county region in Central and Western Nebraska.

We know that as a community caring for children and youth, you want answers regarding what to do before, during, and after an emergency event, disaster, or crisis. It is important to remember that all children and youth react differently to major changes in their lives. The Learning Child Interest Group has various resources that may be of help to you and the families, children, and youth in your community. If you have any questions about these resources or email please contact members of the Learning Child interest group at


FREE on-line, self-paced Cooking Club for Youth Grades: 3 – 8. 

Register by: May 30th

A student gardening competition offers Nebraska high schoolers the opportunity to learn how to start their own garden and small growing operation. Participants will be randomly placed into 10, statewide virtual teams. These teams will compete to find out which team is The Biggest Grower.

Visit for a registration form.

The Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of Public Health and Nebraska Extension have announced new plans for the tractor safety training course that was originally scheduled to be held at 12 sites across Nebraska this spring and summer. The new plans are designed to protect the health of the students and trainers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Students will take the first day of the course online through the eXtension Foundation Campus website. After successfully completing the online course and testing, the required driving test will be offered at five locations across Nebraska July 27-31, 2020.


Nebraska Extension in Greeley, Howard, Sherman, Valley

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Nebraska State Fair to focus on youth development, including 4-H events

June 30, 2020
Nebraska 4-H events will be front and center at the 2020 Nebraska State Fair.

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Nebraska Extension dean and director announces retirement

June 30, 2020
Nebraska Extension Dean and Director Chuck Hibberd, a Lexington native who fostered a spirit of innovation and collaboration within the organization, will retire on June 30.

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