4-H Awards Available

The Career Portfolio will no longer be used.  Submission deadlines may vary.

Adams County 4-H Awards

Youth may compete for County Project Awards and other Local Awards.  New in 2019 our 4-H members may win the various County Awards multiple times during their 4-H Career. Submission deadline for County awards, Golden Clover and Diamond Clover is September 25, 2020.

For a fuller explanation of the new changes and how to fill out the Achievement application you can watch our video "County Award Process".

County Awards

Adams County 4-H Award Award Entry Form and Achievement Application

Golden Clover

Golden Clover Application Criteria

The Golden Clover Application is now included in our Adams County Achievement Application for Awards.

Diamond Clover

Great award to show progress throughout 4-H Career!
Application Information 

4-H - State and National Awards

Nebraska 4-H Annual Achievement Application

This is application process and will be used for the selection of State and national awards including the selection of delegates to National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference.  Information on other possible awards and opportunities for Individuals or 4-H Clubs is available at Nebraska 4-H Awards and Recognitions.