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July 13th - Explore Turfgrass and Landscape Management - Lincoln, NE

July 22-30 - Webster County Fair - Bladen, NE

August 9th - Agronomy Workshop - Curtis, NE

June 3rd, 2017 – South Central Livestock Expo

The Webster County Junior Leaders once again held their annual South Central Livestock Expo. Thirty four exhibitors from Webster County and beyond brought their animals to Bladen for the event.

June 1st was the annual South Central Livestock Clinic & Judging Contest in Bladen, Nebraska. Fifty junior individuals, nine senior individuals and two adults came from across the state to judge sheep, goats, beef and swine classes.

June 16th, 2017 - USDA Department of Nebraska

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) staff has recently been involved in several Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) investigations involving finisher hogs and suspected Seneca Valley Virus (SVV). There is no way of visually differentiating between lesions caused by SVV or Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). Therefore, NDA staff has been conducting testing on all suspected cases to ensure FMD is not involved. Below are pictures of the lesions NDA staff have been seeing and testing recently.

Take your support of “Making the Best Better” and “Learning to Do” wherever you go with the new license plates showcasing Nebraska 4-H and Nebraska FFA! The Nebraska 4-H Foundation and Nebraska FFA Association in cooperation with the Nebraska FFA Alumni, have teamed up to create the first ever license plate supporting the two largest youth organizations in Nebraska. Similar to other organizational specialty license plates, there must be 250 applications received before the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles will begin issuing this organizational plate. Order yours today by filling out the application form at and mailing it along with the $70 fee to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation.

We are quickly approaching operating loan renewal season for farms and ranches. This year, obtaining farm or ranch operating loan may be difficult for some producers due to low working capital and low crop/cattle prices. It is likely that some producers in your community will not receive a bank loan to farm/ranch or may need to find a different lender in 2017.

To help producers navigate this period of low prices, there are three levels resources available.

Nebraska Extension in Webster County

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