Holt/Boyd County 4-H Newsletters

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This page includes the Holt/Boyd Monthly Newsletters as well as state-wide 4-H Spotlight Newsletter and a link to the 4-H Today newsletter that you and your 4-H family might find of interest. The most current newsletter is first with older issues following.
2017 Holt/Boyd County 4-H Newsletters

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April Newsletter - 3.0 mb pdf file - 9 pages
Table of Contents: Regional Public Speaking Contest; Regional Interview Judging Contest; Horticulture/Floriculture; Idea of the Month; Fair Dates/Themes; Summer Camps; Career Portfolio; Spotlight on 4-H; Livestock Opportunities; Shooting Sports;  Range Camp; Culinary Challenge; Clover Kid STEM Workshops; Tractor/Farm Safety; Boyd County Speech Contest Results; Holt County Speech Contest Results; Modeling Workshop; Clover Kid Chickens; PASE/Life Challenge; Summer Workshops; Hort ID Contests; Career Portfolio Results; Calendar; Holt Co. 4-H Foundation Applications; Holt Co. 4-H Senior Scholarships. 

  • March Newsletter (889.6 kb pdf file - 6 pages)
    TABLE OF CONTENTS: Public Speaking Contest; Webpage; Idea of the Month; Interview Contest; Fair Dates/Themes; Bake & Take Month; Career Portfolio; Livestock Opportunities; Summer Workshops List; Happy Birthday Nebraska – 4-H Clover Chase; Reminder; Did You Know?; Scholarships; Holt Co. Quilt of Valor; Holt County Foundation Grant; Halsey Day Camp; Master Gardeners Volunteers; Horticulture ID Contest; Enrollment Reminder; Shooting Sports; Fair Book Information; Camp Opportunities; and Calendar
  • February Newsletter (1.3 mb pdf file - 6 pages)
    TABLE OF CONTENTS: Enrollment; Ideas of the Month; Public Speaking Contest; 4-H Month; Scholarships; Spotlight Newsletter;  Governor’s Ag Excellence Award; Did You Know?; Innovative Youth Corn Challenge; Omaha Fashion Showcase; Fair Dates; Cattlemen’s Classic; Livestock Opportunities; Shooting Sports; Dutch Oven Cooking; Clover Chase; and Calendar

  • January Newsletter (1.5 mb pdf file - 4 pages)
    TABLE OF CONTENTS: Holt County Market Beef Weigh Days; Holt and Boyd 4-H Enrollment; Special Garden Project; Idea of the Month; Governor’s Ag Excellence Award; Livestock Opportunities; 2017 Culinary Challenge; Next Chapter; Shooting Sports; Holt County Year Pins; Fair Dates; Did You Know; and Calendar

2017 Nebraska's "Spotlight on 4-H Newsletter"

Nebraska's "Spotlight on 4-H Newsletter" is written by extension staff for 4-H volunteers during the months of January through July. It is packed with information and resources to educate, inform and motivate 4-H members and families.

New Green StarburstMarch 2017 Spotlight Newsletter ( 1.1 mb pdf file - 8 pages) 
TABLE OF CONTENTS: The Value of Contests; Parliamentary Procedure; Club Activity: Healthy Lifestyles; Interview Contest; Premise IDs & EID tags; Disaster Kits; Utilizing Jr. Leaders; Happy Birthday Nebraska - 4-H Clover Chase and Celebration of Youth: 4-H & CEHS

  • January 2017 Spotlight Newsletter (1.1 mb pdf file - 8 pages)
    TABLE OF CONTENTS: Volunteer Screening; 4HOnline Enrollment; Club Activity: Communicating;Horse Stampede; Special Garden Project; Quilts of Valor; Building Officer Teams; Holt/Boyd Enrollment; and UNL Campus Visit


Other Newsletter & Information
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