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    Youth Development in Crop Production

    Youth Crop Scouting Competition was held Aug. 2nd at Mead's UNL Research & Development Center.
  • 4 teams competed: Colfax County 4-H, Humphrey FFA with 2 teams, and Ashland Greenwood.

  • Competitors completed a written knowledge test and 8 crop scouting exercises in field plots.

  • The contest gives today's youth a chance to learn crop scouting and Integrated Pest Management for corn & soybeans in Nebraska.       


  • Resources for showing your livestock.

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  • Check out latest horticultural or community happenings. 

Horse / Progress Shows

  • This page will have up to date information about progress shows and livestock camps in Nebraska.  You can find links to printable fliers and entry forms!   Just one click away!

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Bacterial leaf streak disease confirmed in corn
Aug 8 – Bacterial leaf streak disease of corn, caused by Xanthomonas vasicola pv. vasculorum, has been confirmed in some Nebraska corn fields. Read more
Japanese trade organization leader to speak at University of Nebraska
Aug 8 – Hiroyuki Ishige, chairman and CEO of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), will speak at the University of Nebraska on Sept. 13 as a guest of the developing Clayton K. Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance. Read more