Nebraska Extension in Cedar County

Upcoming Cedar County Programs

Cedar County 4-H Sharp Shooter Meeting - Sunday, October 23 at 6:30 pm in Laurel Concord Coleridge School Old Gym

Grow by FarmHer - Wednesday November 9 in Lincoln
     inspire and empower young women in agriculture (complimentary tickets)

Cedar County 2016 Nebraska State Fair Results

Cedar County Fair:  July 19 - 23, 2017  - save the date

Co-parenting for Successful Kids - Court approved educational program for families affected by divorce.  Classes available online or on-site

Agricultural News Releases by Jim Jansen

Farm Lease Forms for Cash, Crop-Share, Pasture, etc...
Nebraska Beef Cow Record Card - cow performance record
2016 Nebraska Crop Budgets (full report)
       to view budgets for individual crops and operations visit

2016 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates  (biennial reports)
                Custom Rates - Part 1     spring & summer operations
                Custom Rates - Part 2    fall & miscellaneous operations

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Nebraska Extension in Cedar County

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Yield Forecast Center provides producers with real-time, reliable yield data
Sep 9 – Since 2011, producers have looked to the Yield Forecast Center developed at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln for accurate corn yield predictions. Read more
Faculty Spotlight: Erin Sayer
Sep 9 – Meet Erin Sayer, assistant professor of practice and chief undergraduate academic advisor in the Department of Biochemistry. Read more