Strategic Initiatives

Issue Teams

To help meet the new needs and challenges of Nebraska, Extension is adopting a new strategic team structure to address those issues facing Nebraskans. Right now we are launching an Issues Discovery process will help us frame new opportunities, problems and challenges important to the people we serve. Our first step in the process is this Issues Discovery Survey of Extension Professionals.

To review Dean Hibberd’s comments on the process you can watch this short 8 minute excerpt taken from his June 3rdChat with Chuck.

In his presentation, Dean Hibberd, asks that you share information about all issues you are aware of not only those in your area of expertise but other areas as well. You live in a community in Nebraska. What are the issues people are dealing with?

Technology 2020 Plan

The Technology 2020 Plan sets the course for how the organization will, in future, identify, adopt and apply information technologies to complement its educational mission. The plan focuses on:

  1. Engaging and reaching customers who can benefit from extension’s subject matter content and programs
  2. Developing and implementing a vision to achieve a competitive advantage for Nebraska Extension in the development and delivery of research-based extension programming
  3. Providing the tools and professional development needed to enable the organization and its employees to develop and deliver transformative education grounded in excellence and scholarship