Selby Boerman, M.S. student, is working with Travis Mulliniks and Mitch Stephenson. Her research focuses on the impact of milk production on cow-calf grazing behavior, performance, and calf rumen development in both March- and May-calving herds. Selby is originally from northern California, and received her B.S. degree in Animal Science from California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo.

  Nicole Woita, M.S. student is working with Travis Mulliniks and Kacie McCarthy. Her research focuses on supplementation strategies to increase reproductive performance of young range cows in a May-calving herd. Nicole is originally from Valparaiso, Nebraska, and received her B.S. degree in Animal Science from UNL.

 Tasha King, Ph.D. student with Travis Mulliniks and Jim MacDonald, recently finished her PhD program, and accepted a position at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, Arkansas, as an Assistant Professor in Animal Science. Tasha was a huge help to the ranch crew, spending two years living there during calving season and will be missed. We are excited for this new opportunity and career path for Tasha.

 Travis Millikan, M.S. student, is working with Mitch Stephenson. His M.S. research focuses on the Sandhills Rangeland Monitoring Cooperative., which looks at how the rangeland health of the Sandhills is influenced by the management practices of ranchers. Travis is originally from Norfolk, Nebraska, and completed his B.S. degree in Rangeland Wildlife Management and Rangeland Ecology at Chadron State College.

 Yuguo Yang is a Ph.D. student working with Professor Sabrina Russo in the UNL School of Biological Sciences. Yuguo and his field team worked at GSL in June and July on his dissertation research project examining relationships between plant and soil microbial communities along a dune environmental gradient. They collected samples in the field and processed them in the GSL lab. Yuguo comes from Southwest China and has a M.S. degree in soil science from Beijing Forestry University. Yuguo’s team included two UNL undergraduate field researchers, Joevy Sum and Justin Ho, and Young Nebraska Scientist, Sheridan Wilson, who presented on her research experience in the Young Nebraska Scientist Virtual Summer Symposium in August.

 Alex Pace came to GSL for a summer internship in June. She is originally from Walton, Nebraska, and graduated from Pius X High School in 2017. She studies Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine at UNL, and will be a senior this fall. She has thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with the GSL ranch crew and gain a wide variety of hands-on research experience.