Water Riches Field Trip

Faculty, staff and students at WCREEC spent the day learning about Nebraska water and its history on June 9 with a Water Riches Field Trip.

The day was spent discussing the hydrogeology of Nebraska Sandhills, the High Plains Aquifer and the North Platte River near Lake Ogallala.

Retried Professor, Robert Diffendal, explained how the Brule Formation, the Ash Hallow Formation, and Broadwater Formation developed millions of years ago.

Central Public Power and Irrigation District hosted a tour at the Kingsley Hydroplant to explain the purpose of the plant and how it works.

The tour concluded at the water interpretive center to give context to all the ponts covered in the tour.

Thank you to Doug Hallum, Robert Diffendal, Shane Tucker, Jon Garbish and Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District for leading the tours and explaining the importance of Nebraska water and its history.

Water Riches Palentology      Water Riches with Doug   Water Riches group photo