Washington County 4-H Public Speaking Contest

SUNDAY, MARCH 24 starting at 2pm 
Location: Ft. Calhoun High School 
Registration Deadline: Monday, March 18, 2019

The 4-H Public Speaking Contest provides an opportunity for youth to improve their public speaking skills while building confidence. Whether you write a speech or deliver a public service announcement, it's sure to be an enjoyable contest!

Age Divisions

Three age divisions are used and based on the member's 4-H age. 

  • Clover Kid: 5-7 (as of January 1) 
  • Junior: 8-10 (as of January 1) 
  • Intermediate: 11-13 (as of January 1) 
  • Senior: 14-18 (as of January 1)  



  • Length of Speeches
    • Junior Division: 1-3 minutes
    • Intermediate Division: 3-5 minutes
    • Senior Division: 5-8 minutes
  • All speeches must be original and include 4-H as the major component of the speech.
  • 4-H public speakers may not use an old speech written by a sibling, other 4-H member, or anyone else.
  • Acknowledge the source of information used in the speech. For example, an article from a magazine may be used for reference but should not be quoted directly unless you tell the audience your source.
  • Use of visual aids and props are not allowed.
  • Dress appropriately. Do not wear costumes or special effect clothing.
  • No team speeches are allowed.
  • All PSA’s are 60 seconds in length.
  • The state theme for the 2019 Public Service Announcement is "Inspire Kids to Do" and should be incorporated in the PSA.
  • All radio PSA’s must promote 4-H and be general enough to be used anywhere in Nebraska at any time of the year.
  • All 4-H PSA’s must include the following tag line within the last ten seconds of the PSA: “Learn more about Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development Program at 4h.unl.edu.” The tag line is included in the 60 second time limit.
  • Sound effects and public domain music may be used. Copyrighted material may not be used.
  • All PSA’s must be the original work of the presenter. Contestants may not use PSA’s written and provided by the state or national staff.
  • No team PSA’s are allowed.
  • Radio PSA’s will be submitted electronically as a .wav or mp3 format along with the registration form. 


Please submit your Public Speaking Contest registration forms to the
Nebraska Extension in Washington County by Monday, March 18. 2019 by 5pm


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