Diamond Clover Program


All levels and detailed explanation of the Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program “Plan & Report Forms” are available at: https://4h.unl.edu/diamond-clover.

GETTING STARTED . . . 4-H members should begin participation in the Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover program at the beginning of their 4-H year. The “Plan & Report Form” of the appropriate level should be completed (“Plan” section ONLY) before the 4-H member is fully active in the 4-H year – usually in the spring. Once the 4-H members completed the “Plan” section of the report, they will need to keep in a safe place. 4-H leaders could collect their club members’ forms if they so choose.

COMPLETION/SUBMISSION . . . At the end of the 4-H year, 4-H members will need to complete the “Report” section of the form. Once completed, 4-H members will need to submit to the Nebraska Extension in Washington County Office by the NOVEMBER 1, 2021 DEADLINE. 4-H members successfully completing the Nebraska Diamond Clover Program Plan & Report form by the NOVEMBER 1 DEADLINE will be recognized at the Washington County 4-H Achievement Celebration in December.