Diamond Clover Program


The Diamond Clover program is available for 4-H youth ages 8-18. Youth do not need to be enrolled as 4-H members to participate in the Diamond Clover program. Youth may be engaged in any 4-H program or delivery mode, including clubs, camps, school enrichment, afterschool, special interest, and independent membership. The accomplishments for each level have been created to enable any 4-H youth, no matter how they are involved in 4-H, to be successful. Parents/guardians, leaders, and Extension staff may suggest other accomplishments — comparable to those provided — to improve the individual learning experience of each 4-H youth.


  1. To begin, the 4-H participant must complete the Plan portion of the Plan & Report Form for the level they are pursuing.
  2. A parent/guardian and a 4-H leader must confirm the plan. 
  3. This plan should be saved by the young person and used as a point of reference throughout the year.
  4. Youth may fill out the Report portion of the form as they complete their accomplishments throughout the year, or at the end of the 4-H year.
  5. A parent/guardian and a 4-H leader must confirm the report.
  6. The completed Plan & Report Form with signatures should be printed and submitted to Washington County Extension Office. Do not email Plan & Report Forms.


All levels and detailed explanation of the Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Program “Plan & Report Forms” are available at: https://4h.unl.edu/diamond-clover.


Recipients will be awarded at Achievement Celebration on Sunday, November 20, 2022 at the Rybin Building at Washington County Fairgrounds.