How to Enroll

4-H Enrollment is to be complete by June 15, 2021.

4-H enrollment is completed online through Nebraska 4-H Online.  
Listed below are instructions on how to enroll through the system.
You can also view this information on the State 4-H website:

4-H Adult Volunteer/Leader Enrollment
Please note, changes have been made as of January 1, 2020

  • Enrollment as a 4-H Volunteer/Leader is $5. 
  • Adults who wish to become a 4-H Volunteer/Leader must follow the steps listed below. 
    1. Enroll as a 4-H Volunteer/Leader through Nebraska 4-H Online by following the steps in this document: Enrolling through Nebraska 4-H Online Adult
    2. You will receive an email invitation from the Nebraska Extension - Washington County Office to the address provided on 4-H Online. That email will include a link to complete an online Central Registry Check. Click the link or copy the link into your browser. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder.
    3. 4-H Adult Volunteer Enrollment is not complete until steps 1 & 2 above are submitted and a passed Central Registry Check is received by Nebraska Extension-Washington County.
    4. Questions about this new process? Give our office a call @ 402-426-9455.

How to Re-Enroll

4-H Members and 4-H Adult Volunteers/Leaders must re-enroll in the Nebraska 4-H Online system every year.
Re-enrollment for the current year typically opens mid-October.
You can also view this information on the State 4-H website: