Speech & PSA - April 15, 2023

Dakota~Thurston County 4-H Speech Contest

2023 Speech Contest (In conjunction with Presentation, Music, and Favorite Foods Contests)
April 15, 2023
United Church of Pender
504 Earl Street
Pender, NE

Register your entry at: https://forms.gle/RvWcr9DG82LpnRct8 


A Guide to Making Great Speeches (This is really helpful!)

How to Prepare a 4-H Radio Public Service Announcement

Through the 4-H Public Speaking Contest, youth have an opportunity to write a speech or a public service announcement (PSA) that incorporates the topic of 4-H and deliver it to an audience.  The 4-H Public Speaking Contest helps youth develop skills for communicating about current issues to real audiences, learn how to organize and prepare a speech, develop speech delivery skills, learn how to present themselves to others, and develop self-confidence.

Age Divisions: (As of January 1st)
Cloverkid (Ages 5-7)
Junior (Ages 8-10)  
Intermediate (Ages 11-13)
Senior (Ages 14-18)

Length of speeches
Cloverkid:   1-2 Minutes
Junior:   1-3 Minutes
Intermediate :  3-5 Minutes
Senior :  5-8 Minutes

  • All PSA's are 60 seconds in length.
  • The state theme for the 2023 Public Service Announcement (PSA) is "Discover your spark in 4-H."
  • All radio PSA's must promote 4-H and be general enough to be used anywhere in Nebraska at anytime of the year.
  • All 4-H PSA's must include the following tag line within the last 10 seconds of the PSA: "Learn more about the Nebraska Extension 4-H Youth Development Program at 4h.unl.edu." The tag line is included in the 60 second time limit. 
  • Sound effects and public domain music may be used. Copyrighted material may not be used. 
  • All PSA's must be the original work of the presenter. Contestants may not use PSA's written and provided by the state or national staff.
  • No team PSA's are allowed.
  • Radio PSA's will be submitted electronically IN A  .wav or .mp3 audio format along with the registration form.
  • All speeches must be original and include 4-H as the major component of the speech.
  • 4-H public speaker may not use the old speech written by a sibling, another 4-H member, or anyone else.
  • Acknowledge the source of information used in the speech. For example, an article from a magazine may be used for reference, but should not be quoted directly unless you tell the audience your source.
  • The use of visual aids and props is not allowed.
  • Dress appropriately. Do not wear costumes or special effect clothing.
  • No team speeches are allowed.

 More information on the Regional and State speech Contest