Virtual Project Camp

Virtual Project Camp contains a smorgasbord of fun-filled virtual presentations to help 4-H'ers build their skills and jumpstart their projects for county fair. It is a virtual list of workshops for all ages of youth to continue learning and work on 4-H projects at your own pace. There are a wide range of lessons for both boys and girls and are free to anyone including non-4-H members.

Some of the topics are: Crochet, Best Buy for Your Buck, Biscuits & Scones, Bread Machine Products, Conservation & Wildlife, Denim Banner, Window Creations, Dog Agility, Fabric Bowl, First Aid Kit, Floral Design, Fun with Food Safety, Garden in a Bucket, Home Environment, Fishing Hook Board, Human Development, Kindness in a Jar Science Experiment, Life Cyle of a Chicken, Making Artisan Bread, Multi-Cooker Banana Bread, Ninja Health, Non-Traditional Cornbread, Range Management, Sewing for Fun along with Clover Kid Projects.