Stanton Livestock ID Dates

Market Beef ID’ed by Photo ID


            1. Pick up tags and ID sheets at the Extension office. Hours 7 am—5 pm Mon—Thurs

            2. A photo ID must be taken of the calf with the tag visible in the ear and with the 4-H’er.        (can be emailed)

            3. Photos & ID Sheets are due in the office BY MARCH  30th. NO EXCEPTIONS

STATE FAIR EXHIBITORS—Any market beef going to State Fair will need an EID tag, DNA samples taken & weights. It will be your responsibility to get the DNA pulled, calves weighed and the information in to the office on time. You can have your calves weighed on a scale someplace and bring the ticket into the office or you can come and use the scale at the fairgrounds. You will need to make arrangements ahead of time to use the scale here.

PREMISES ID – Exhibitors of any animal that carries an EID tag is required to obtain a Premises ID from the NE Department of Ag for the location where the livestock are housed.  This ID will need to be reported to the Extension Office by March 30 for Market Beef and June 1 for everything else. A flyer has been mailed out and is on our website.

June 1 - ID Guidelines

ID sheets for feeder calves, bucket calves, cow/calf pairs, breeding heifers, sheep, goats, rabbits and horses are due to the Extension Office by June 1.

May 24 - 6-7 pm will be sheep & goat tagging and rabbit tattooing.

All sheep & goats must come to the fairgrounds to be tagged. Rabbit only need to come if they need a tattoo.

Feeder calves, bucket calves, & breeding heifers will be ID’ed by Photo ID. Same expectations as above.

1 page Stanton County Animal ID Guidelines