Public Speaking Contest (Speech/PSA)

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State Public Speaking Contest

The Public Speaking Contest takes place every year in the spring and consists of a Speech and PSA division.  Youth that are nominated by the judge in this contest have the opportunity to advance on to the state contest. Youth can participate in the ppeech contest by preparing a speech at an appropriate length for their age level:

  • Novice (10 and under) 4-Her has never competed in a speech contest before.  May recite a poem, read or tell a story.  Speech must be under 3 minutes in length.  
  • Junior (8-9) Must be an original speech relating to 4-H.  Under 3 minutes in length.
  • Intermediate (10-13) Must be an original speech relating to 4-H.  3-5 minutes in length.
  • Senior (14 & older) Must be an original speech relating to 4-H.  5-8 minutes in length.

For the PSA division of Public Speaking contest, 4-Hers must create and present a 60 second PSA. The state theme for the 2021 Public Service Announcement (PSA) is "Opportunity 4 All" (NEW in 2021). All 4-H PSA’s must include the following tag line within the last ten seconds of the PSA: “Learn more about Nebraska Extension 4-H youth development program at”. The tag line is included in the 60 second time limit.  Sound effects and public domain may be used, however, copyrighted materials may not be used.  All PSA's must be the original work of the presenter.  Contestants may not use PSA's written and provided by state or national staff.  No teams.  Radio PSA's must be submitted on a CD or electronically as a .wav or .mp3 format along with 3 copies of the PSA text.  Age divisions are as follows:

  • Junior (9 & Under)
  • Intermediate (10 - 13)
  • Senior (14 & older)
Other Materials: