4-H Presentations & FilmFest Contest

County Fair Book

State Presentation Contest

  • 4-H Presentation topics should be related to how the 4-H youth is learning about science, healthy living, citizenship, and agriculture literacy through 4-H.  They should include an introduction (the 'why' portion of the topic), a body (the 'show and tell' portion of the topics), and a conclusion/summary (the 'what' portion of the topic).  Presentations can use visuals, including computer-based visuals.  Participants will need to provide their own computer and a cable to connect the computer to the projector.  Check with the Extension Office for more information.
  • The Nebraska 4-H FilmFest is the display of digital videos that show the recording, reproducing, and broadcasting of moving visual images.  Educational resources for the 4-H FilmFest can be found at the Extension Office.

Other Materials: