2022 County Fair Information

2022 Southern Plains Fairbook

Southern Plains 4-H Shooting Sports Contest Rules (more detailed than Fairbook) 

2022 Thayer County Fair

Schedule for 2022 Thayer County Fair

2022 Thayer Co. Fair Entry Online Instructions - **Thayer Co. entry deadline is Wednesday, July 27th  @ Midnight**  NO late entries accepted!

2022 Nuckolls Co. Fair

Schedule for 2022 Nuckolls County Fair

2022 Nuckolls County Open Class Fairbook- Check in July 7 @5-8 p.m. OR July 8 @8:30 - 9:45 a.m.

4-H Livestock Affidavits & Vet Certificates

Market Beef

Breeding Beef

Feeder Calf

Bucket CalfBucket Calf Record Book - Bucket Calf Record Book Rubric

Market Sheep

Breeding Sheep

Market Goat

Breeding Goat

Market Swine

Breeding Swine




Cat OR Ferret


YQCA Certification Site

YQCA Help Document


Static Exhibit & Clothing & Style Review & Performing Arts

Performing Arts submission form

Fashion Show form

Shopping in Style Form NOTE: This form does not auto line break the paragraph lines as you type. You will have to do line breaks manually or the form will cut off your answers when you print.

Photography Data Tags & Exhibiting Information

            Photography Level I Data Tag

            Photography Level II Data Tag

            Photography Level III Data Tag

             Completing Photography Exhibit Tag Instructions

             Preparing Photo Exhibits for Judging

Food Preservation Cards

Home Environment (Design Decisions, Design My Place, etc.) Information Tags

              Home Enviroment-Element of Design Explination 

Visual Arts (Sketchbook Crossroads & Portfolio Pathways) Information Tags

Human Development (Classes 1-6) Information Sheet 

Human Development (Class 8) Information Sheet

Quilt Quest Information Sheet  

County Level Awards

Nuckolls County 4-H Ambassador Application - Due July 1st
Thayer County Livestock Feeders Association Livestock Incentives Application Form - Due Feb 1st

Record Book Information

NOTE: We will NO LONGER ACCEPT Career Portfolios.

Achievement Application - Templates for each age division live here: https://4h.unl.edu/achievement-application. Due Oct. 1 for consideration for county awards. If your application is selected to go on to state judging (which happens in January), you will be notified. 

Example Achievement Applications:




2022 Outstanding Tribland 4-Her Application - Awarded to 2 outstanding senior level 4-H members, regardless of gender. Winners demonstrate a dedication to new learning experiences, exemplary workshop, contest, and fair participation, and strong community service. Judged from Achievement Application record book submission and winners go on to compete at the area level. The Tribland 4-H Awards Program is open to youths from the 10 principal counties in the Tribune’s coverage area: Adams, Webster, Clay, Nuckolls, Kearney, Franklin, Fillmore and Thayer in Nebraska and Smith and Jewell in Kansas.  

Diamond Clover Award - The Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover program encourages 4-H youth to engage in a variety of programs, projects, and activities that will enable youth to acquire skills and abilities that will prepare them for success in the future. The program consists of six levels that require a young person to plan and report a broad range of age-appropriate accomplishments. Judged from Diamond Clover application submission. Thayer Co - Make sure you check the box on your cover sheet.

Thayer County-Only Record Book Info

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Whether you are submitting 1 award application or multiple award applications, please submit all your applications in 1 green "member's record" report cover (can purchase from extension office). Submit all awards applications (livestock record book, diamond clover, active participation) neatly stapled per report (don't staple/bind all the applications together) and tuck inside report cover. Make sure you submit 1 cover sheet with all of your desired awards checkmarked so we know all the awards you want to compete for. Champion and reserve champion record book rosettes and ribbons awarded for each curriculum area detailed on Thayer County record book cover sheet in both junior and senior age divisions. Achievement Application templates for each age division live here: https://4h.unl.edu/achievement-application

Thayer County Awards Sheet 2022 - Exhibitors should fill this out and submit with ANY record book submissions. Please note that applicants can earn recognition for a project area/curriculum area more than once in their 4-H careers. If your record book is excellent two years in a row, you deserve to be recognized for two years in a row.

Thayer County Active Participation Fillable PDF: Top (usually) 10 students with complete and thoughtful active participation applications and exemplary point totals will earn this award.

Thayer County Active Participation Award Word Document

Alicia Rippe Award - Awarded to 1 outstanding 1st year 4-H member in Thayer County. Winners demonstrate a dedication to new learning experiences, exemplary workshop, contest, and fair participation, and strong community service. Judged from Achievement Application record book submission. Make sure you check the box on your cover sheet. Alica Rippe Award Rubric

Hugo Broeder Outstanding 4-Her - Top 2 Thayer Co. 4-Hers who have shown excellence in learning experiences, participation in 4-H Activities, and Community service. Usually junior or seniors in high school. Judged from Achievement Application record book submission. Make sure you check the box on your cover sheet. Hugo Broeder Rubric Available Here

Thayer County Livestock Record Book PDF Template    - Due Oct. 1. Please attach additional pages if you run out of room on this template. Make sure you check the box on your cover sheet.

Thayer County Livestock Record Book Word Doc Template

Thayer County Livestock Record Book Rubric - Entries will be graded according to this rubric. Please use it to help you develop your record book.


Don & Martha Romeo Scholarship - Applications should be submitted to local Extension Offices via hard copy by Monday, November 30, 2021. 

Thayer County 4-H Council Scholarship Application - Due March 15.  Seniors must meet all requirements listed on form to apply.

Scholarship for Natural Resource Students