Sioux County Fair

2017 Fair Dates:

Fashion Revue - July 21st 
Compainion Animal Show - July 24th 
Sioux County Open Livestock Show - July 28th
Sioux County Open Horse Show - August 1st
Static Check-In Day - August 3rd

Entry Forms:

Fashion Show
Registration Form
Narration Form

Companion Animal
Small Animal

Livestock Show

Horse Show
Registration Form
Horse Identification Form
(There is no limit on horses and riders, just that each horse brought needs to be identified.)

Open Class
Clover Kid

Sioux County 2017 Fair Book by Division:

4-H Division

Open Youth Division

NOTE: Sioux County does have a "Pewee" Showmanship Division (5 as of Jan. 1). and allows youth of that age to show their market animals, however, in accordance with State Rules, individuals under the age of 8 (as of Jan. 1) are not allowed to handle animals over the weight limit of 350 lbs. In such case, horse activities are completely out, and showing beef for this age group is most likely limited to Bucket Calves. This is not a rule that has been enforced in Sioux County in the past, however, it has been made clear across the District that it needs to be, for everyone's safety. We appreciate your participation in our show and hope that your youth have a positive experience in Sioux County. 
If you have any questions you can contact Jeanna Boland (4-H Extension Assistant in Sioux County) at 308-668-2428, or our District Coordinator, Kelley Rice, at 308-632-1483. 

Livestock Show

Companion Animal Show

Horse Show

FFA Division

  • FFA (PDF, 67 KB)

Open Class

Clover Kids