Career Portfolios, Clover Kids Records Books & Award Apps

**Please note, only Achievement Applications are accepted for state awards. Seward County is transitioning to
the new model and this will be the last year the Career Portfolio will be accepted**

Award Applications (Diamond Clover, Scholarship, and Award Applications) 

Career Portfolio Record Book Pages (this form is no longer accepted at the state level) For a more information on how to complete Career Portfolios Click here

Clover Kid Record Book Pages

Option #1 - Filling Out Your 4-H Career Portfolio - 

Please note - the state-level will not be accepting this form in the year 2019

The 4-H Career Portfolio is a recordkeeping system that has been used by Nebraska 4-H youth. It is a composite of
all 4-H and non 4-H projects/activities throughout the individual’s 4-H career.
Following is an overview of each section of the Career Portfolio Application:
Section 1—Record what you learned in your 4-H project and include the number of ribbons. List any trophies or
medals. The color of the ribbon is not recorded.
Section 2—Include any Clover Colleges, 4-H camps, day camps, contests, interview judging, etc.
Section 3—non 4-H activities. Include sports, band, FFA or other school clubs, church or other camps.
Section 4–Your Story
Introduce yourself, your family and personal interest. Why is 4-H is important to you?
Describe what you learned in your 4-H projects this year. If you are applying for awards, focus on the area you
are applying in.
Share highlights of other 4-H projects not mentioned in part 2, items of special interest and unusual situations
you encountered.
Leadership/Community Service—
How has 4-H helped you
become a better person, leader or citizen?
Describe your goals for 4-H next year and in the future.
For more information, check out the webpage here:

Option #2 - Filling Out The New 4-H Annual Achievement Application  - 

Please note - in 2019 the state-level will only be accepting this form of application

Starting in 2019, Nebraska 4-H will no longer be accepting Career Porfolios for state-level consideration. Only Achievement Applications will be accepted for youth applying to attend National 4-H Congress or National 4-H Conference or applying for Nebraska 4-H Foundation Scholarships. 

The Nebraska 4-H Annual Achievement Application is for all 4-H participants ages 8-18. It will be used for the selection of county, state, and national awards and recognition, including the selection of delegates to the National 4-H Congress and National 4-H Conference. To serve as a delegate for either national experience, youth must turn ages 15-19 during the calendar year in which the trip occurs. Youth interested in being considered as a delegate for these national experiences must make that designation on their application.

National 4-H Conference is a weeklong program held at the National 4-H Center, Chevy Chase, MD in March-April. It is a future-focused program that aims to build strong leaders through roundtable discussions, team-building activities, group assemblies, and visits with national legislators.

National 4-H Congress is held in November in Atlanta, GA. The program provides opportunities to learn about community involvement, cultural diversity, and service to others.

Instructions:  Applications must be completed electronically.

Completing the Achievement Application - Powerpoint

Achievment Application Workbook (helps you fill out the Achievement Application, but is not what will actually be submitted).