Parent & Guardian Roles

4-H Parent & Guardian Roles
First and foremost, 4-H is a family program–”a place where parents and their children can learn and grow together. In 4-H, you, as the parent or guardian, are very important. You are always invited and encouraged to participate in all 4-H club activities. We recognize every family–™s schedule is different and you may not be able to attend every club function, but there are many different ways that you can contribute to your child–™s 4-H group.

Your 4-H club leader will want to know about your interests and talents, and how you would like to support your child–™s 4-H group. Because 4-H has so many diverse experiences, we have discovered that every adult can find a parent volunteer role that matches their interests and the club–™s needs. Some possible helping roles include providing refreshments, supplies, or other resources for a club meeting; helping members with their projects, chaperoning a club field trip, or organizing the club–™s service project. Your club leader may have other suggestions.

As a parent or guardian, these are the following roles you need to fulfill:
–¢ Provide transportation for your child to and from 4-H events.
–¢ Help your child learn to recite the 4-H pledge.
–¢ Attend 4-H club functions with your child whenever possible. Children 5-8 (Clover Kid members) should always have a parent or guardian attend meetings with them.
–¢ Guide your child as they select a 4-H project and help them develop goals that are challenging, but also realistic. Encourage their project work by making it a family learning experience.
–¢ If your child serves in a leadership role within the club, help him/her fulfill the duties of the office.
–¢ Read the Seward County 4-H Actionline newsletter so you will know the details of upcoming special events, dates and deadlines. You will automatically start receiving this publication when you or your child enroll in a 4-H club.
–¢ If you have online access, visit the county 4-H website for the latest information and resources at:
–¢ The 4-H staff will provide countywide training on portfolios, presentations, project workshops and other core 4-H learning experiences. Try to participate in these classes and workshops. By understanding more about our various 4-H programs, you can help your child excel and take advantage of all that 4-H has to offer.
–¢ Attend your county wide 4-H Achievement Celebration as a family. Recognition always means more to children when their family is there to share it with them.


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