What are 4-H Partners?

4-H Partners is a livestock mentoring program. It’s for youth who would like to learn about animals, but are not ready to own one. They are matched up with a mentor and learn how to care for that animal, how to raise it and how to show it.   

Who Are the Mentors?

Mentors are volunteers who want to share their knowledge & skills with a young person. A mentor can be an older 4-H’er, a college student, a 4-H leader, a parent or grandparent who has experience with 4-H and an animal project. You might have a mentor in mind or you will be assigned one.

What Will I do as a 4-H Partner?

  • Attend orientation on April 27 at 6:00 p.m.
  • Make regular (minimum of 6) visits to your mentor’s farm, do chores and help take care of the animal and learn from your mentor.
  • Attend a workshop or a field trip.
  • Complete assignments and keep a journal about what you learn each time you go out to your mentor’s farm.
  • Enter and bring your animal to the county fair and participate in showmanship.
  • Take care of your animal at the county fair with your mentor.
  • Enter your journal as an exhibit at the county fair and participate in a interview.

How Do I Participate?

  • Entry forms are due March 31th, 2023. Click HERE
  • Contact Cindy Wolverton at the Seward County Extension Office.
  • Attend the Mandatory Orientation meeting where you will meet your mentor and have Livestock Quality Assurance Training.  
  • You and your parent /guardian will set up times with your Mentor to go out to the farm and start working with your animal.