Scotts Bluff County Fair 4-H Shooting Sports Competition (.22 Rifle and Archery) Change

The Scotts Bluff County Fair 4-H Shooting Sports competition(.22 Rifle and Archery) has been moved from July 31 to Sunday, August 22 at Rifle Site Range.  

Awards Ceremony for all 4-H County Fair Shooting Sports Competitions and a pizza party will be held on Saturday, August 28 at 5pm at the Extension Office.

Scotts Bluff County Fair Shooting Sports Competition .22 Rifle and Archery – August 22 at Rifle Site Range

Check in from 8-10am

Order of events:

  • .22 Silhouettes(Traditional Metallic Sights Silhouette .22 Rifle)
  • .22 Long Range(Scope .22 NRA Silhouette)
  • .22 Paper Targets (Traditional BB/Pellet Rifle)

No Pellet Silhouette Class will be shot this year.

Due to range restrictions and 4-H policies we will move through each class as listed (22 Silhouettes -> .22 Long Range -> .22 Paper Targets).  If you miss the class unfortunately we will not be able to open it up again