Notice About Swine PEDv May 2023

Dear Scotts Bluff County 4-H Families,

As many of you are aware, there has been a confirmed case of PEDv (Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus) among a private barn here in Scotts Bluff County. These pigs were present at the Scotts Bluff County 4-H weigh-in/tag-in held on May 7th, 2023, however the exact origin of the contamination is not known. Volunteers present at the weigh-in/tag-in did their utmost due diligence in disinfecting between each trailer and following all protocols in relation to biosecurity practices observed and followed at each county fair weigh-in/tag-in. Extension Staff have worked closely with a local veterinarian and consulted the State Veterinarian Representative to determine a safe and proactive plan to keep livestock and families’ livelihoods safe. As a result, we have determined that canceling the May 25th weigh-in/tag-in for swine is the best course of action. Although we realize this is not ideal for some families and we apologize for any inconvenience this cancelation may cause, we want to ensure we take the appropriate steps now to prevent the spread of the virus so we can maintain a healthy and high-quality county swine show this year.

The sheep and goat weigh-in/tag-in is still scheduled and will take place at the Scotts Bluff County Fair Grounds on May 25th from 6:00-7:30 p.m. as originally planned. We are asking all families who did not attend the first weigh-in/tag-in to please come and pick up your swine ID tags (either county for EID), as well as the ID sheet for your pigs. Please take a picture of the pig’s tag in the ear and fill out the ear notches section of the ID sheet completely in addition to the picture. You will need to turn in the picture and the ID sheet no later than June 1st of 2023 to the Extension Office.

We want to also note that Nebraska 4-H is not limiting the travel of pigs to exhibitions and shows. The choice to travel is a personal decision made by each individual and family after careful consideration of the facts. How this disease could potentially affect your projects and fellow 4-H’ers’ projects should not be taken lightly. Only take healthy pigs to shows and exhibitions. If you suspect your pigs may have contracted PEDv or observe symptoms of illness with your pigs, please isolate them at home and consult your veterinarian immediately. Under these circumstances, anything that you wear and/or use around those infected animals poses the risk of transferring the disease and proper biosecurity steps need to be taken to prevent further spread. Please find the attached information graciously provided by Pioneer Animal Clinic to help inform you all on what you can do to help keep your livestock healthy and how to implement proper biosecurity measures.

If you have questions, please reach out to the Extension Office and we will assist in acquiring resources and/or answers to questions. Stay safe and healthy, we will see you and your awesome projects all again real soon!

Pioneer Animal Clinic PEDv Handout

Scotts Bluff County Extension