Commerical/NonCommercial Pesticide Training Scotts Bluff/Morrill County

The Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in concert with Extension Specialists, Extension Educators, and Extension Assistants provides educational and training programs that address health, the environment, economic well-being, and pesticide safety. 

Commercial applicators are those using restricted-use pesticides, and in some cases general-use pesticides, on a contract or for-hire basis. Noncommercial applicators are those applying these same pesticides to sites owned by an employer or for a governmental agency or political subdivision of the state.

Commercial/noncommercial pesticide applicators with certifications expiring in April will be sent a 2019 Pesticide Safety Education Program Schedule booklet that has certification information and dates. Copies of the schedule booklet are available at local extension office or by phoning UNL's pesticide education office at 800-627-7216 or 402-472-1632 or online at

Advance registration is required for all initial and recertifiction  commercial/noncommercial applicator training and most other training sessions. A $80 fee applies for each applicator registering, regardless of the number of categories registered for. Required study materials for initial training range from $10 to $30 per manual, depending on category from the UNL marketplace.

UNL conducts the training programs, and the Nebraska Department of Agriculture grants the licenses.  NDA testing is offered at initial training locations. Questions about individual applicator license status should be directed to NDA at 402-471-2351 or 877-800-4080.