Saunders County 4-H Council & Ambassadors

2019 4-H Council Members

APPLY FOR SAUNDERS COUNTY 4-H COUNCIL  - DUE to Extension Office by November 1, 2019. 

What is the Saunders County 4-H Council? 

The purpose of the Council shall be to fulfill the mission of the 4-H youth development education program of Nebraska Extension in cooperation with the Extension staff and the Extension Board.

The objectives and responsibilities of this Council shall be:

  1. Secure and manage private resources and fund raising available to the 4-H and youth development program to support local programs.
  2. Assist in planning and executing a well-balanced program for 4-H youth with both short- and term-goals.
  3. Support local policy development, while understanding state and national guidelines for the larger program.
  4. Serve as a community connector between the 4-H program and the Extension Board, Fair Board, Agriculture Societies, other youth organizations and the public.
  5. Advocate the philosophy of the 4-H youth development program and serve as an advocate for youth.
  6. Develop and maintain a vigorous active Council membership that works in cooperation with the Extension staff to have a strong program in the best interest of youth.
  7. Provide a recognition program for volunteers and youth in the 4-H program.

Who is on 4-H Council? 

The county 4-H Council and the 4-H program in Saunders County shall have a membership open to any youth or adult without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, or handicap.  Council youth representatives will be between 13-19 years of age.

The Council shall be made of up to 18 members:  7-10 adults and 8 members of 4-H(youth ages 13 - 19).  Up to two 4-H leaders, parents or other interested adults will be selected from each district in the county and the additional adults elected at-large.  There will be a minimum of one adult serving from each district. Two 4-H members from each district will also serve on the Council.  Council members shall be selected to represent the following areas of the county:

         Northeast District:             All the area north of Highway 92 and east of Highway 109.

         Northwest District:            All the area north of Highway 92 and west of Highway 109.

         Southeast District:             All the area south of Highway 92 and east of Highway 77.

         Southwest District:            All the area south of Highway 92 and west of Highway 77.

         At-Large:                             All area in Saunders County

How often will 4-H Council meet and where? 

At least four meetings will be held each year with the dates of these meetings set at the first meeting held in January.  Other meetings may be called by the extension educator and/or by the Council president. Meetings will be held at the Saunders County Extension office in Ithaca. 

How long do members serve? 

Adult council members will serve a three-year term.  Youth council members will serve a two-year term.  


 Saunders County 4-H Ambassador Duties

Saunders County 4-H Ambassador Application