Saline County 4-H Enrollment


Youth are eligible to enroll in 4-H in Saline county beginning at age 8 (age on Jan. 1). If birthdate is Jan. 1st, 4-H age is the age youth was on Dec. 31st. 

If youth turns 8 on Jan. 1st, their 4-H age will be 7 for the current year. Youth ages 5-7 are eligible to enroll as Clover Kids.

Enrollment Deadline: March 1st. 

Dues are $6.00 per member and required to be paid by March 1st.

Please call our office at (402) 821-2151 if you need help or have questions. You will NOT pay online. Youth are not completely enrolled until we have received your 4-H dues at the Extension Office. Checks are payable to the Saline County 4-H Council.

Enrollment Instructions:
Helpful Hints For Enrolling or Re-enrolling in 4-H

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