Youth are eligible to enroll in 4-H in Saline county beginning at age 8 (age on Jan. 1). If birthdate is Jan. 1st, 4-H age is the age youth was on Dec. 31st. 

If youth turns 8 on Jan. 1st, their 4-H age will be 7 for the current year. 

Youth ages 5-7 are eligible to enroll as Clover Kids.
No further action is needed for Clover Kids currently enrolled in the Afterschool Clover Kids programs for 2019.  

ALL Youth and Leaders MUST re-enroll each year! 

Enrollment Deadline: March 1st. 

County dues/fees are $6.00 per member and required to be paid by March 1st. Some clubs may have additional club fees which will be paid to the club leader.

Please call our office at (402) 821-2151 if you need help or have questions. You will NOT pay online. Youth are not completely enrolled until we have received your 4-H dues at the Extension Office.
Checks are payable to the Saline County 4-H Council.

Online 4-H Enrollment Website:

Enrollment Instructions:
Helpful Hints For Enrolling or Re-enrolling in 4-H

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