4-H Club of the Month


The Nebraska 4-H Foundation along with the Nebraska 4-H Ambassadors have put together a new program for Nebraska 4-H Clubs. ANY 4-H Club can fill out a nomination form to be chosen as the "Club of the Month". Each month a winner will be chosen and will receive a $50 cash card from the Nebraska 4-H Foundation and a certificate which can be displayed. Also, the Club of the Month's story will be displayed on the 4-H Foundation's website, Facebook and Twitter.

"Club of the Month" nominations forms are due by the 2nd Friday of each month. Please send nomination forms to ne4ambassadors@unl.edu or mail them to University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska 4-H Foundation, 201 Mussehl Hall, East Campus, PO Box 830719, Lincoln, NE 68583-0719. Nomination forms can also be picked up at the Extension Office.

Club of the Month Nomination Form