Career Porfolio and FFA Recordbooks Due September 16th

Career Portfolio - Click the words "Career Portfolio" to the left. In "Resources" on the right side of the page, click "Download Career Portfolio Templates"  and then click NE4H900_CareerPortfolio.doc to download all sections of the Career Portfolio. Save to your computer or flash drive. This will enable you to add new information each year to show your learning and growth in each project area. Do not start a new Career Profile each year, just add the new year to your existing records. 

Youth must submit a Career Portfolio in order to receive a county fair premium check and/or Premium Auction money. The 4-H Career Portfolio is required for Nebraska 4-H youth to be eligible for many county and state awards. FFA members must submit an FFA recordbook to receive premium money.

Need help with your Career Profile? Don't know what to put where? Here is a video to help you: Help and Tips or see this document - Tips & Hints. Please call our office if you need assistance.

FFA Recordbook Required For Collection of Fair Premiums and Premium Auction Money  
You can also check with your advisor and use the equivalent AET records.