Animal Science Resources (Identification, YQCA, State Fair and more)



Livestock Identification

All livestock, horse and rabbit ID forms are due in the office by 4:30 pm on June 15.

District and State Horse Show ID forms are due May 6 (entry deadline). 


4-H Youth ages 8-18 (as of Jan. 1) and FFA youth up to age 21 MUST complete Quality Assurance before exhibiting beef, goats, sheep, swine, rabbits and poultry at the County Fair and State Fair and have certificate on file at Extension Office by June 1st! This requirement must be met each year. Two options are available for 4-H members - indpependent online course or attend a Face-to-Face training. FFA members ages 19-21 can only complete the independent online course. 

Premise ID

Exhibitors of 4-H and FFA market beef, feeder calves and swine that carry an EID (840) tag will be requried to submit a Premise ID number obtained through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at no cost to the exhibitor. Exhibitors will not be allowed to exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair without a Premise ID being supplied to the Extension Office.

As in the past, ALL market swine exhibitors must have a Premise ID on file to exhibit at County Fair also. 

While we realize at this time you may not know if you are planning to exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair (must be 10 years as of Jan. 1) we would suggest obtaining your Premise ID now as it will be required for future fairs and shows. 

If you already have a Premine ID, please mail a copy of the letter with your Premise ID that you recieved or download the Premise ID Form linked below and complete the information and return to the Extension Office by June 15. 

If you received a Premise ID previously, you can verify your Premise ID by calling 402 471-2351.

If you do not have a Premise ID visit: and complete the form at:   and email or mail to:

Email the completed form to or mail to:

Nebraska Department of Agriculture
Animal and Plant Health Protection
301 Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box 94787
Lincoln, NE 68509-4787

State Fair

  • Youth must be 10 years of age on Jan. 1 of the current year to enter animal entries. 
  • Nebraska 4-H at the State Fair (Premium Book, scoresheets, etc)
  • Website for Entering Animals and Livestock for the State Fair: - Website closes at 8 p.m. CST on August 10, 2022
    To be eligible for entry, market and breeding beef, sheep, goats, and swine must have been nominated in the website by July 1.
  • Entry Instructions for Animals
  • 2022 4-H and FFA Livestock Schedule - subject to change
  • 4-H Livestock Schedule 
  • NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: 2022 4-H SHOWS WILL BE "BLOW & GO" - NO FIT SHOW. "Blow & Go" Guidelines
    Please read your sections of the State Fair book for information pertaining to your animals and grooming rules.
  • FFA Shows will be FULL FIT in 2022
  • Health Requirements for Animals 
  • Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease and the State Fair 4-H Rabbit Show 

    The NDA has created a link for rabbit owners to review information, guidance, and links for public knowledge to increase awareness and provide guidance regarding this disease:

  • General Livestock Rules and Regulations

  • Exhibitor Resources (Stall assignments, Ethics Affidavits, etc.)
  • Frequently Asked Questions for 4-H Exhibitors (Nomination Process and DNA) 
  • Animal Entry Limits for 2022
  • 4-H and FFA Animal Exhibitor Letter from Brandy Schultze and Ryan Hassebrook
  • FFA Information, Schedule, Rules, etc. for State Fair
    FFA members need to check their email for stall assignments. 
  • Livestock Check-In Tent Hours
    Livestock Vet Check Hours (CST): Exhibitors can arrive during the vet check open hours. If an exhibitor arrives with their livestock outside of vet check hours, they will be unable to enter the grounds.
    • All livestock exhibitors (non-equine), MUST FIRST enter Nebraska State Fair at the Check-In Trailer, Brunks lot. Anyone bypassing this step WILL BE REFUSED.
    • Check-In Trailer directions: From Stuhr Road, turn west onto Stolley Park Road; Brunks lot directly across from the State Fair south entrance gate.
    • At the Check-In Trailer, exhibitors shall receive their packets, including parking passes and admission wristbands.
    • All livestock will be health inspected at the Check-In Trailer. See 2022 Health Requirements.
  • 2022 FFA State Fair Livestock Arrival and Dismissal Times (Email from Ryan Hassebrook)
  • Nebraska State Fair


Ak-Sar-Ben Stock Show - Entry deadline is Aug. 31 at NOON (CST). 

September 22-25, 2022


Premium Book

  • No longer a 4-H livestock show with no prerequisite of a youth organization affiliate. Questions about theAk-Sar-Ben Stock Show should be directed to Kelly Loeske at 
  • Youth must be 9-19 years of age as of Jan. 1st to enter
  • Youth not exhibiting at the Nebraska State Fair who need DNA envelopes for market animals must order DNA envelopes directly from Ak-Sar-Ben. 
  • Ak-Sar-Ben Entry Information - Entries will be made online.
  • Entry website (Opens August 1st)
  • Entry Limits: Refunds are not available if you enter more than the limits! 
    4 - Market Beef and 1 Calf Challenge (5 total)
    4 - Breeding Heifers
    4 - Market Lambs & 1 Lamb Challenge (5 total)
    4 - Breeding Ewes
    4- Market Swine
    4 - Meat Goats
    4- Breeding Does