2022 Polk County Fair Information

2022 Polk County Fairbook Page - sections divided by subject
2022 Polk County Fair Schedule
2021 Polk County Ag Society Policy and Forms
PRE-ENTRY FORMS - Due June 29th

2022 Polk County 4-H Exhibitor Letter - Explains pre-entry information

  • Clover Kids Entry Form (static and animals)
  • 4-H Static Exhibit Entry Form = All Static Exhibits
  • 4-H  Workshops Entry Guide  - Your guide to the entry information for all of 2022 Workshops Projects and what number to use to enter them. 
  • 4-H Clothing Day/Fashion Show Letter  = Clothing Day Entry Form, Modeling Form, Shopping in Style Entry & Narrative, Attention Shoppers, Fashion for 15 

  • Horticulture Entry Form - Please fill out and bring on Entry Day (Wednesday, JULY 20th)--This is for Vegetables and Cut flowers only!  All other horticulture exhibits should be pre-entered on the 4-H Static Entry form and submitted by June 30th.  If another sheet is needed, please feel free to print and use another sheet. 
  • Five Extra Items Entry Form - Please fill out and bring on Entry Day (Wednesday, JULY 20th) ONLY as a last resort for items that were NOT included on your STATIC EXHIBIT ENTRY FORM. 
  • 4-H Small Animal Form - Dog, Poultry, Rabbit,  & Companion Animal (Cat's & Small Pets)
  • 4-H Horse Entry Form
  • 4-H Swine Entry Form
  • 4-H Sheep Entry Form
  • 4-H Goat Entry Form
  • 4-H Beef Entry Form
  • 4-H Llama Entry Form

Fair Projects Supporting Information Documents:

 Fair Programs and Schedules

  • 2022 Clothing Day Final Instructions Letter
  • 2022 Clothing Day Schedule
  • 2022 Horse Show Program
  • 2022 Swine Show Program
  • 2022 Sheep Show Program
  • 2022 Goat Show Program
  • 2022 Beef Rate of Gain
  • 2022 Beef Show Program

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