Virtual Projects and Instructions are available NOW

Virtual Project Day Programs

4-H members in Northeast Nebraska do not need to put their goals on hold this summer because of social distancing.

Nebraska Extension 4-H staff from around Northeast Nebraska will be presenting a smorgasbord of fun-filled virtual presentations to help 4-Hers build their skills and jump start their projects for county fair. Extension educators, 4-H assistants and 4-H staff created a list of virtual workshops allowing youth to continue to be involved in 4-H without face-to-face contact.

Beginning June 16th, the virtual 4-H project/presentations list will be available on your county website.  These classes may be shared with anyone and are all free to use.  There are a wide range of lessons for both boys and girls and all age groups.

This idea for a summer full of virtual activities grew out of the realization that, due to the pandemic, 4-H educators and assistants would not be able to do any face-to-face programming until June 15 at the earliest.  The extension staff decided that by offering a virtual catalog of programs, we could make it safer, easy to access, local on your county web site, and free.  Each lesson has the contact person for more questions if you should have them.  That presenter will serve at the primary contact.  Each lesson will have information about what 4-H project/exhibit/Class that is relevant for county fair entries.

There are 4-H staff at 15 offices around Northeast Nebraska, and many of them have special experience or skills in certain projects that they were willing to share across the entire region.

Word is going out to 4-H members around the region via emails, 4-H websites, and social media platforms.

But the activities are not just for 4-H members. Although they are designed to help 4-H members create projects that can be entered in county fairs, they are also open to non-4-H members so they can get an idea of what 4-H has to offer by way of building skills for future hobbies or careers.

Youth can complete the activities at home, with supplies they obtain locally or, within their home. Each workshop is designed to help youth learn more about the topic, and also has a direct tie to a project from the statewide list of fair-approved projects. 4-H members can complete those projects during the class or have the tools to start and finish on their own time.

For fair-bound projects, parents will need to sign their youth up on 4hOnline in that project area to ensure that they can take their project to the fair this year.

We hope you enjoy the virtual catalog of offerings.


Nebraska Extension – 4-H staff