Scrapies Information

Market Sheep, Breeding Sheep, Market Goats, Breeding Goats need USDA scrapies tags for identification for 4-H and State Fair. 

  • Scrapie Control and Eradication Regulations - The Scrapie Control and Eradication Regulations became effective on September 30, 2005. Copies of the Scrapie Control and Eradication Regulations can be obtained by going to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at and additional information about Sheep and Goat Identification in National Scrapie Eradication Program can be found at
  • Scrapie Flock Identification Number  - To be assigned a Scrapie Flock ID Number Contact:
    Sheri Gillham
    District 5 (NE,ND,SD,KS,MT,ID,WY)
    PA-National Veterinary Accreditation Program Coordinator
    5940 South 58th St, Lincoln, NE  68516
    Phone:  402.434.2302  Fax:  402-434-2330

    State Veterinarian - Dr. Dennis A. Hughes
    Agency: Animal and Plant Health Protection
    Department: Nebraska Department of Agriculture
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 94787, Lincoln, NE 68509-4787
    Office Address: 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, NE 68509-4787
    Phone: (402) 471-2351   
    Fax: (402) 471-6893
    Health Certificate Email: or
  • There has been some changes to the Scrapie Tag program due to Federal budget cuts in the Scrapie program (as of October 1, 2017).  USDA is unable to provide any taggers, or plastic tags free of charge. They will continue to provide free metal tags.
    • If you need a tagger for the metal tags you must purchase them from National Band & Tag Company ONLY.  Please specify that you need the 505S applicator.  Phone: (859) 261-2035  E-mail:
    • Official plastic tags will no longer be provided at no cost to producers. Producers wanting to use plastic tags will need to purchase official tags direct from approved tag companies such as Premier, AIIFlex, or Shearwell (see 10-17 Scrapie pkt updated for company contact information). Approved eartag companies offer a wider range of colors, styles and devices. You will need to provide your flock ID when placing your order.
    • 10-17 Scrapie Packet Updated - A packet of information from USDA when a new flock id is established.  It includes information on where plastic tags and taggers can be purchased.  It also includes information on where the tagger for applying the free metal tags can be purchased (505S tagger).  
    • USDA Scrapie Tag Order Form - All fields should be filled, including current flock/herd size.
  • FAQ about the Scrapie Program
    • Do Scrapie tags expire? No, the tags are good for the animal’s lifetime.
    • I acquired a sheep/goat that already had a Scrapie tag in its ear; do I have to add one of my tags? No. If we did a trace-back on that animal, the tag would lead us to its original owner whose records would then lead us to you. That’s why it’s important for sheep and goat producers to keep records for five years detailing the births, deaths, sales and acquisitions of their animals.
    • I acquired a sheep/goat without a Scrapie tag in its ear; what should I do? Sheep and goats that change ownership should not be sold without a Scrapie tag. In the event that this does occur, it would be the new owner’s responsibility to put in one of their Scrapie tags. Be sure to document where/when you purchased the animal.
    • If a friend needs a Scrapie tag can I give him/her one of mine? No. Scrapie numbers are assigned to your premises. They cannot be shared.
    • 4-Hers purchasing sheep and goats for their projects need to make sure the seller has the animals identified when they are sold.
  • Animal ldentification - The purpose of identifying sheep and goats is to enable traceback of Scrapie positive animals to their flock or herd of origin and to trace animals out of the infected flocks. The following animals are required to be identified with official Scrapie tags:
    • All breeding sheep regardless of age when change of ownership occurs
    • All sheep over 18 months of age when change of ownership occurs
    • All sexually intact sheep and goats for exhibition
    • All sheep from Scrapie positive, exposed, suspect, or high risk animals
    • All sheep and goats from non-compliant flocks
    • Breeding goats, except for low risk commercial goats
    • All intact feeder sheep sold at an unrestricted sale
  • Unrestricted Sale - An unrestricted sale at a livestock market is one in which breeding, feeding, and slaughter sheep are sold the same day. All sexually intact sheep sold at an unrestricted sale must be identified unless tl1ey are lambs nursing their dams. Livestock markets can designate sales as slaughter or feed-for­ slaughter only sales (restricted sales). Sexually intact sheep under 18 months of age which are sold at such restricted sales do not need to be identified. However, buyers at restricted sales will be required to sign a statement indicating where the sheep will be slaughtered or fed. Unidentified ewe and ram lambs that do not go directly to slaughter must go to a terminal feedlot that has been approved by APHP.  Currently, all Nebraska sheep and goat markets are operating as unrestricted sales. All ewe and ram lambs sold at these unrestricted sales will need to be identified regardless of age, unless they are nursing their dam. This also applies to high risk goats (those comingled with sheep) for feeding.
  • Record Keeping - All persons who buy, sell or otherwise deal In the ownership or acquisition of sheep and/or goats are required to maintain records on their animals for a period of five years. Persons selling sheep or goats must record the number of animals sold, their identification, date of sale, name, address and phone number of buyer, and the species, breed or class of animals sold. Persons buying sheep or goats must record the number of animals purchased and their identification, date of purchase, name, address and phone number of the seller, and species, breed or class of animals purchased. Flock owners or their employees who apply official identification to animals shall maintain the following records:
    The date tagged
    The number of sheep and or the number of goats identified
    The entire identification number applied
    The name and address of the owner of the flock of birth, if known (for purchased and untagged sheep)
  • Wethers need Scrapies tags to be shown at State Fair or Aksarben.
  • Put the complete number on your Animal Ownership Affidavit Forms.  It should read “State” “Premise Number” along with the “Individual Animal Identification Number”.