Southwest Nebraska 2019 Research Updates

Presented by Strahinja Stepanovic, Extension Educator

Perkins, Chase and Dundy Co

Topics will include:

  • Soybean Production
  • How row spacing affects irrigated soybean
  • Is Late Season N Fertilization Warranted for Irrigated Soybean?
  • Seeding Practices and N Management for Soybean: What Matters and Why
  • Dryland Corn
  • Impact of Hybrid Selection, Planting Date, and Seeding Rates
  • Impact of Cover Crops (after wheat) on Dryland Corn
  • Fallow Replacements
  • Water balance of field peas, chickpeas, soybeans and fallow compare?
  • Pulse Crops Production
  • Field Pea and Chickpea Germination and Yield as Affected by Tillage
  • Field Peas and Chickpeas Water Use under different Irrigation Regimes
  • Dry bean population studies

1 hour program begins at 4:00 PM

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