Healthy Food Day

April 6, 2017

Perkins County Extension played host to nearly 70 area 6th grade students from Perkins and Chase counties at the Stumpf International Wheat Center for a day of learning about healthy foods and food choices.  This program is a spin off of the highly successful grant funded 4-H Food Smart Families program that was held last year in Culbertson, NE.

This program is designed to encourage students to make healthy food choices, practice what they learn, play active games, and to prepare and try healthy recipes.  Five lessons were taught during the program including:  portion sizes and reading labels, quick healthy snacks, easy breakfasts, food safety on the go and energy drinks. 

           Sack Lunch Safety

Extension Educator, Debbie Kuenning                Extension Educator, Nancy Frecks
Giving the students healthy snack ideas              Teaching youth about sack lunch safety

Portion control               Start of the Day

Extension Educator, Donna Kircher                      Extension Educator, Kathy Burr
Showing the 6th graders the importance              Giving the students healthy breakfast ideas
of portion control

Buzz in a Bottle

Extension Educator, Kimberly Cook
Demonstrating a healthy alternative to energy