4-H Resources and Ideas for Families

Web Learning Resources
Wanted to take a few minutes to share a link for the Nebraska 4-H Living Room Learning series. You need to register for these webinars, but they look like good resources. Anyone can attend-you do not need to be in 4-H-share this around! I am hoping to have my kids watch starting today with "Glitter Bomb". To be honest, there is not a solitary piece of glitter in my house. I plan to have them watch and if this is something we would like to do during this social isolation period, I will purchase the supplies. There are two webinars scheduled weekly.

4-H Projects
As you are working on your 4-H Projects, I encourage you to purchase manuals online to be delivered to your house. We have a limited supply at the Extension Office. In the interest of reducing foot traffic to the office, I encourage you to use the online option. The cost is the same online or at the office. If you have questions, please call the office or email us, we would be happy to answer questions via phone or email. Not every project requires curriculum. The PHOTOGRAPHY curriculum is completely new.

4-H Community Service/Helping IDEA!
I had a great idea shared with me today-while looking for activities for kids to do during this time, remember those who are unable to leave nursing homes or assisted living facilities. You do not need to KNOW anyone in these facilities to make and send them cards, crafts, or items to brighten their day. I believe items can be mailed or dropped off at the front door to be shared with the group. (I will be checking on this and will let you know-but can start making crafts now).

4-H Club Social Media Ideas-
Maybe clubs can create social groups on Facebook, etc. for kids to share pics of projects, etc. Maybe we can create something like that as a county? Things to think about.

If anyone has ideas, they are appreciated! Email them to me at:  debbie.kuenning@unl.edu