Great Plains Livestock Judging Circuit

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension is excited to bring you the  Great Plains Judging Circuit. A great lineup of contests throughout the state gives young people the opportunity to perfect their skills in preparation for the PASE contest on June 29. Qualifying youth must attend two contests at minimum, in addition to the PASE contest to be eligible for awards and scholarships. The top-5 individuals in the Senior (age 14-18) and Intermediate (10-13) divisions will be recognized as part of the All-State Team during a Grand Drive at the 2022 Nebraska State Fair.

Great Plains Livestock Judging Circuit Rules


  1. Open to current Nebraska 4-H and/or FFA members that are in good standing and age 10-18 as of January 1, 2022.
  1. Contestants will be split into two divisions based on 4-H age: Senior (age 14-18) and Junior (age 10-13).
  1. To be eligible for the All-State Team and be recognized at the 2020 Nebraska State Fair, contestants must compete in 2 eligible contests, plus the State 4-H Contest (PASE). *PASE is a REQUIRED contest in order to be on the All-State Team*
  1. Points will be awarded to the top 20 individuals within their respective divisions, in reverse order of placing.
    1. 1st place = 20 points, 2nd place = 19 points, 3rd place = 18 points, etc.
    2. If there are less than 20 contestants within the division at a contest, the top score will reflect the number of contestants. Ex: 15 contestants in a division – 1st place = 15 points, 2nd place = 14 points, etc.
  1. Rankings will be determined by only the best 3 placings at eligible summer contest.
    1. If a contestant attends more than 2 eligible contests, only the top 2 point totals will count.
    2. EX: Contestant A places 3rd at Crete, 14th at Cuming, and 10th at PASE (while not attending any other contests). This contestant will have earned 18 points, 7 points, and 11 points, respectively, for a total of 36.
    3. Contestant B goes to 5 contests plus PASE, placing 4th, 7th, 12th, 18th, and 9th, with a 14th place finish at PASE. Contestant B will get points for the 4th (17) and 7th (14) place finishes, plus the 7 points for the 14th place PASE finish for a total of 38.
    4. Contestant B would be ranked higher at the end. It is beneficial to attend as many contests as possible and be able to have a bad day.
  1. In the event of a tie, it will be broken as follows:
    1. Average reasons scores from the contests where points are used for final rankings.
    • Placing at the State 4-H Contest (PASE).
  1. There will be awards for the top-5 in both the Senior and Intermediate divisions.
    1. Contestants will be recognized during the 4-H  Grand Drive at the 2022 Nebraska State Fair.

For more information contact:

Blaine French

402.472.8834 or 870.217.1401